The system of secondary education in Ukraine includes primary forms and junior and senior secondary forms. Children usually go to school at the age of 6 or 7. There are some preschool institutions, like nursery schools or kindergartens, but they are not obligatory. Primary forms comprise 1 to 4 forms. Junior secondary forms comprise 5 to 9 forms. After the 9th form children can enter technical schools of different types. Those who want to enter higher educational institutions should complete 1011 forms. Students can also enter higher educational institutions after graduating from specialized colleges or lyceums. They prepare students in different fields, whether the humanities or the sciences. Some of them are organized under the authorities of higher educational establishments. The system of higher education is presented by universities, polytechnic institutes or specialized institutes. Universities offer a five-year course of study and usually have from six to twelve departments. Institutes train specialists for industry, agriculture and economy. Most of them have been conferred the status of Academy or University recently. Students are also offered postgraduate education and scientific research work. Nowadays due to the state of our national economy not many young people are engaged in the research work. But still in some fields of science there are outstanding discoveries and research papers.

Some universities and institutes have refresher courses. Recently a great number of private educational establishments have appeared. Some institutions have fee-paying groups or departments. The students may get education there at the same high level as in the state institutions.



system ['sistam]

to include [mk'lu:d]

technical school ['teknikal sku:l]

the humanities [hju:'msenitiz]

the sciences ['saiansiz]



What does the system of secondary education in Ukraine include?

At what age do children go to school?

What is the system of higher education presented by?

Whom do the institutes train?

Do we have private educational establishments in Ukraine?

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