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Crown Court

The Crown Court deals with indictable offences, i.e. serious criminal offences (such as murder, rape and robbery) that have been committed from the Magistrates’ Court for trial, cases committed for sentencing, and appeals from Magistrates’ Courts. Cases are heard by a judge and a jury. Decisions of the Crown Court may be appealed to the Criminal Division of the Court of Appeal.

Judges are appointed by the Crown, on the advice of the Prime Minister, Lord Chancellor, or the appropriate cabinet ministries.

Magistrates’ Courts

The Magistrates’ Courts deal with summary offences and committals to the Crown Court, with simple civil cases including family matters. It can sit as a Juvenile Court to consider offences committed by children or young persons. Cases are heard either by a panel of lay magistrates or by a stipendiary magistrate without a jury. Lay magistrates are chosen from well-respected people in the local community. A clerk guides them on points of law. They consider about 93 per cent of all criminal cases in Great Britain. Criminal decisions of the Magistrates’ Courts may be appealed to the Crown Court. Civil decisions may be appealed to the County Courts.


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