Answer the questions.

1. What are ICAO phraseologies and plane language required for?

2. What is the great emphasis placed on?

3. What increases the chances that communications will be misunderstood?

4. What has indicated lack of proficiency in comprehension of the English language by flight crews and air traffic controllers?

5. Why is it impossible to define instructions for all cases?

6. Is it possible to write a document with phraseology for emergencies?

7. Why do we need plain language?

8. What event can lead to a communication breakdown?

9. Is it important to have sufficient language proficiency and good skills to manage a dialogue through any unexpected event?

10. Can accidents have something in common?

11. Why do pilots and air traffic controllers have to adhere to strictly defined procedures and regulations?

12. What should pilots and controllers do to be understood?

13. What can help the pilots and controllers to reduce miscommunications?

14. Why should language be a tool to identify and help to solve a problem before it becomes a disaster?

15. When can plain language be an option?

16. In what situations shall ICAO standardized phraseology be used?

17. How many distinct roles does the language have?

18. What is the purpose of using phraseologies?

19. Why is the plain language a link which can help to solve problems in many everyday situations?

20. Can the standard phraseology predict all emergencies and non-routine events?


  1. A) Choose the correct answer.
  2. A. Listen to James describing his family situation and answer the questions.
  3. A. Sarah and Ken are having an argument. Read what Sarah says and complete the dialogue with Kens answers from the box below. Then try to guess his last answer.
  4. A. Solve the quiz and check your answers.
  5. Add question-tags and give full answers to the questions.
  6. Answer apply be forget listen live lose make read try use
  7. Answer the following questions
  8. Answer the following questions about the text.
  9. Answer the following questions about yourself, your friends and your ideas about friendship.
  10. Answer the following questions.
  11. Answer the following questions.
  12. Answer the following questions.

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