Answer the questions.

1. What does ESP stand for?

2. What are ESP main objectives?

3. What does English for aviation learning and teaching focus on?

4. What is the relationship of aviation English and phraseologies to general English?

5. How can we define aviation English?

6. What can aviation English also include?

7. What RTFE stand for?

8. What is radiotelephony English?

9. What is plain language?

10. ICAO phraseology. What is it?

11. Why do flight crews and ATC controllers need to acquire phraseologies?

12. Why shouldnt English training be limited to phraseologies?

13. What is language proficiency?

14. Why is memorization of ICAO phraseologies an unsafe practice?

15. Why may general English programmes and courses be an appropriate preface to learning aviation English?

16. What can be economically available to support general English learning?

17. Can safety and efficiency be connected with English?

18. Why is it necessary to know English for an aviation specialist?

Topics for Discussion

1. The necessity to conduct the control of air traffic.

2. Flight information service. How do you understand it?

3. Large oceanic areas. What do you know about them?

4. Objectives of air traffic services.

5. Aviation international documents.

6. Advanced technologies are used in many countries of the world. Comment on it.

7. Biggest airports in Ukraine.

8. Aviation safety and efficiency. How do you understand it?

9. Controllers actions during coordination.

10. What is the role of phraseologies?

11. Emergency situation. How shall a controller act?

12. Nowadays it is especially important to know foreign languages. Are you for it?

13. Simulator training program meets ICAO standards and recommended practices.

14. Language deficiencies and misunderstanding between a pilot and a controller is a major cause of accidents. Why?

15. No English no good job. Do you agree?





  1. A) Choose the correct answer.
  2. A. Listen to James describing his family situation and answer the questions.
  3. A. Sarah and Ken are having an argument. Read what Sarah says and complete the dialogue with Kens answers from the box below. Then try to guess his last answer.
  4. A. Solve the quiz and check your answers.
  5. Add question-tags and give full answers to the questions.
  6. Answer apply be forget listen live lose make read try use
  7. Answer the following questions
  8. Answer the following questions about the text.
  9. Answer the following questions about yourself, your friends and your ideas about friendship.
  10. Answer the following questions.
  11. Answer the following questions.
  12. Answer the following questions.

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