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Civil Aviation Security Regulations

To deal with regulatory requirements, the Civil Aviation Security Regulations were recently passed into law. Established under the au­thority of the Civil Aviation Act, these regulations deal with basic security requirements and their practical implementation.

Aerodrome operators are required to establish a secure physical environment including the erection and maintenance offences, gates, and other control measures to prevent unauthorized access. Penalties for non-compliance with these requirements are provided.

The regulations also contain miscellaneous provisions to control car­riage of firearms in the cabin of aircraft on passenger flights, carriage of firearms as baggage, access to persons who have been screened for a flight, travel by persons in custody or under other administrative direction.

Previously the system relied on manuals and programs developed by each organization and frequent inspections by CAA officials often revealed weaknesses. The airline security programs, for example, often used glossy and detailed documentation to outline the means of achiev­ing the security standards, but really effective implementation of the procedures was rare.

Answer the questions.

1. What were Civil Aviation Security Regulations passed into law for?

2. What do these Security Regulations deal with?

3. What are airdrome operators required to establish?

4. What are fences, gates and other control measures for?

5. What does non-compliance with these requirements entail?

6. Is carriage of firearms on passenger flights allowed?

7. Can passengers carry firearms as baggage?

8. Why is access to persons who have been screened for a flight prohibited?

9. What did frequent inspections by CAA officials often reveal?

10. Does glossy and detailed documentation always mean effective imple­mentation of security procedures?

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