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Article 1. Foundation Principles of Civil Legislation


1. Civil legislation is founded on the recognition of the equality of participants in the relations which regulate the inviolability of property, the freedom of contract, the impermissibility of arbitrary interference by anyone whomsoever in private matters, the necessity for unimpeded exercise of civil law rights, and securing the restoration of violated rights as well as their defence in the courts of law.


2. Citizens (physical persons) and legal persons acquire and exercise law rights through their own free will and in their own interest. They are free in establishing their rights and responsibilities on the basis of a contract and in determining the conditions of the contract to the extent that such conditions do not contradict legislation.

Civil law rights may be limited on the basis of federal law and only to the extent that is necessary for purposes of defending the foundations of constitutional order, public morality, health, or the rights and lawful interests of other persons, or ensuring national defence and the security of the state.


3. Goods, services and capital shall vote freely throughout the entire territory of the Russian Federation. Limitations on the movement of goods and services may be imposed in accordance with federal law, if such is necessary for ensuring public safety, defending the life and health of persons, protecting the environment and cultural treasures.


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