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Talking about change

We can use the present continuous to talk about change.

Manufacturing costsare falling significantly

More and more expertsare producing Open source software.

We often use one or more comparative adjectives to talk about change.

Broadband is getting cheaper and cheaper.

Open source software is becomingmore and more popular.

5.8 Complete sentences with the words in brackets, making any changes that

are necessary.


1 Digital radio sets are becoming (become) less and less popular.

2 More and more people_________ (listen) to radio over the Internet.

3______________ Laptops are getting_________ (cheap).

4 Handheld devices are becoming _______________(sophisticated).

5 Battery life______________(get)___________(long).

6 In some areas, VoIP___________ (take over) from PSTN.

7 Mobile broadband speeds____________(increase) dramatically.


Convergence in business

5.9 New words are continually being created in Telecoms and IT. Often these words are made up of two parts. Match the openings in Column A with the correct endings in Column B. See the example.


UP -space, -crime

DOWN -load, -grade, date (upload, upgrade, update)

E -time, -load

TELE -book, -mail, -commerce

CYBER -working, -conferencing, -coms

5.10 Now match the openings in Column A with the endings in Column B


hard-, ad-, spy-BAND

wave-, broad-, narrow- BYTE

broad-, pod-, news- CAST

smart-, cell-, i-, head- WARE

kilo-, mega-, giga- PHONE

Can you think of any other words with these openings and endings?

5.11 Complete the sentences using a suitable word from exercises 11, 12

1. _____________is increasing, so more and more people have an office at home and aren't commuting to an office.

2. The police are recruiting IT experts to deal with the alarming increase


3. Each memory module contains a ________________of RAM, or 1024

megabytes, to be precise.

4. Our servers are very reliable, so we have hardly any_____________.

5. This anti-virus program scans your PC for ___________that threatens

your security.

6. Did you buy a full version of the OS or just an________________?


5.12 Read the article about networking developing countries and answer the questions below.

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