Agree or disagree with the following statements.


- I know (that) you enjoy making reports at scientific conferences.

- Yes, you are right. Besides, I also like to take part in round-table discussions.

- No, I see you are misinformed. I am quite shy and dislike to speak in public.

I know that your university trains post-graduate students.
I found that almost all collaborators of your department combine activities in research with experimental work.
A doctoral thesis is a serious effort and it must mark a considerable advance in a given sphere of knowledge.
This branch of knowledge has been rapidly developing in the last two decades.
Doctoral candidates are not supposed to pass their examinations in a foreign language.
You always discuss the obtained data with your scientific supervisor.
The choice of scientific methods is critical because every methodology has certain strong points and deficiencies.


Answer the questions below.


- I work in close contact with my scientific supervisor. And what about you?

- I work in close contact with my scientific supervisor too.

Scientific conferences are a good possibility to get new knowledge, to make some scientific and friendly contacts with specialists to exchange views and ideas on this or that point. What do you think of it?
My friend works in close contact with the scientists of National Academy of Sciences. And what about your friend?
Our university cooperates very fruitfully with universities of China. And what about your university?
My scientific supervisor recommends me to take part in various scientific conferences and seminars. And what about your supervisor?
Conferences play an important role in making young researchers real scholars. Whats your idea of this?
I am especially interested in applied issues. And you?
I have received a lot of useful information to cultivate my theme. And what about you?
Different types of study demand a high level of intellectual ability in order to cope with the pressures of having to understand what are likely to be complex arguments, facts or theories. What do you think of it?
I was given the opportunity to carry out an extensive literature search to look for the gaps in the field I was working. And you?
I particularly like the flexibility to do what I want and also to work with state-of-the-art technology. And what about you?



  1. A. Make up short dialogues expressing your opinion, agreeing or disagreeing. Use the prompts given below.
  2. A. Read the text and decide if the following statements are true or false.
  3. A. Role-play the following situation.
  4. A. Study the following.
  5. Agree or disagree with the following statements. Give your arguments to support your viewpoint.
  6. Agree with the statements of your partner.
  7. Agree with the statements of your partner.
  8. Agree with the statements of your partner.
  9. Agreeing. Disagreeing
  10. Answer the following questions
  11. Answer the following questions about the text.

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Agree with the statements of your partner. | Paired practice. Read the following statements aloud. Let your partner respond by expressing thanks. Change the roles as you go. Use the patterns below.

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