Japan takes the 10th place in the world for population. Japan was the first country in Asia which had moved from the second to the first reproduction type. National structure is homogeneous. This is a typically mono-national country, where Japanese are 99% of population. There are two main religions - Shinto and Buddhism in the country. Japan is highly cultured and literate country. There are more universities than in the Western Europe. Japan takes one of the first places for the population average density (340 people at 1km). Urbanization is 80%.


  1. England information file: Total population 49 mln. Capital - London. National day - St. George, April 23. National symbols - Red rose, lion, and bulldog. Language - English.
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  4. Population and regions of USA
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  7. Using the chart of Great Britain (territory, location, population, parts, etc.) Make a report on the topic.

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