G. Add one job to each letter below. Use the pictures to help you.

A is for architect and . B is for barman and .
C is for civil servant and . D is for doctor and
F is for farmer and . J is for journalist and
L is for lawyer and N is for nurse and
P is for psychologist and S is for shop assistant and
T is for taxi driver and W is for writer and

H. Think of the job, but dont say what it is. Describe the job by saying about the responsibilities and routine. Let other students guess what job youre describing.


  1. A Letter Dear Sergei,
  2. A) Scan the text and fill in the table below.
  3. A. Make up short dialogues expressing your opinion, agreeing or disagreeing. Use the prompts given below.
  4. A. Match pictures 1 7 with their descriptions 1) 6).
  5. A. Sarah and Ken are having an argument. Read what Sarah says and complete the dialogue with Kens answers from the box below. Then try to guess his last answer.
  6. Answer the questions about the pictures.
  7. Appeal denied for killer who sent taunting letter
  8. Ask your partner the questions below.
  9. B) Comment on the letter above. Point out in what it differs from Judy's earlier letters (see the text). Explain the last line of this letter. Is Judy quite serious here?
  10. B. Describe the pictures. Use the suggested phrases.
  12. C. Look at the family tree and complete the sentences below.

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D. Starting with the words you are given, rewrite each of these sentences using vocabulary from the text. The basic meaning must stay the same. | WRITING: INFORMAL EMAIL

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