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1. apply for(v.) - to ask for something, usually in writing.

e.g. My client wishes to apply for legal aid.


2. applicant(n.)-person who applies for something.

Letter of application = a letter in which someone applies for a job.


3. curriculum vitae (CV)(n.) - summary of a person’s life story showing details of education and work experience. The US English is rėsumė.

e.g. Candidates should send a letter of application with a CV to the administrative office.

4. fee(n.)-payments made to doctors, lawyers, teachers for their services.


5. negotiate (v.) - to discuss a problem formally with someone, so as to reach an agreement.

e.g. The management refused to negotiate with the trade union.


6. organizational chart(n.) - diagram showing how a company is organized.


7. personnel (staff)(n.)-people who work in an office or company or department.

e.g. All the personnel have to sign the Official Secrets Acts.


8. position(n.) - job or paid work in company.

e.g. We have several positions vacant.

9. salary(n.)-payment made to professional people (teachers, doctors, managers, engineers).

e.g. Salaries are paid monthly.


10. quit(v.) - to leave a job.

e.g. Several of the managers are quitting to set up their own company.


11. promote(v.) - to give someone a more important job.

e.g. He was promoted from salesman to sales manager.

12. recruit(v.) - to get people to join an organization.

e.g. Twenty five women were recruited into the local police force.


13. wage(n.) - payments made to factory workers, shop assistants, clerks, and so on.

e.g. Wages are paid weekly.

14. employ (v.) - to give someone regular paid work.

e.g. He employed twenty people more who did not work for him before.


employee (n.) - a person who works for another person or business.

e.g. General Motors Corporation has several thousand employees.

employer (n.) - a person or company that hires workers and provides work.

e.g. The employer provides medical insurance and retirement plan in addition to excellent wages.

15. retire (v.) - to stop work and take a pension.

e.g. The chairman of the company retired at the age of 65.

16. transfer (v.) - to move someone or something to a new place.

e.g. The accountant was transferred to our Scottish branch.

17. announcement(n.) - felling something in public.

e.g. The chairman made an announcement about the increase of dividends.

18. benefit (n.) - money or advantage gained from something or payments made to someone.

e.g. She receives $60 a week as unemployment benefit.

19. grievance (n.) - complaint.

e.g. Grievance procedure.

20. evaluate (v.) - to calculate a value.


21. job evaluation (n.) - examining different jobs within a company to see what skills and qualifications are needed to carry them out with a view to establishing salary.


22. term(s) (n.) - a)conditions or duties which have to be carried out as a part of a contract.

e.g. Under the terms of the contract, the company is responsible for all damage to the property.

b) period of time.

e.g. A loan for a term of fifteen years.

23. remuneration (n.) - payment for a service.

e.g. He receives no remunerating for his work as secretary of the club.

24. overtime(n.) - hours worked more that the normal working time.

e.g. He worked six hours overtime.

25. insurance (n.) - a contract whereby one party, the insurer, agrees to guarantee another, the policy holder, against certain losses.

e.g. An automobile insurance policy will pay for medical expenses and damage to the automobile.

26. reference (n.) - written report on someone's character or ability.

e.g. Applicants are asked to supply references.

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