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Choose the right variant (a-c) to complete the sentences.


1. Varying skills _______ difference in the near future.

a) will make b) are making c) are going to make


2. Low pay ____________ work less appealing to women.

a) will make b) will be made c) will have been made


3. It is still too early to tell whether the new law ______ a difference to working patterns.

a) will be made b) will be making c) is making


4. The geniuses born as women __________ to the public good.

a) will be lost b) might be lost c) will lose


5. Experts will know more about the state of affairs in this field when a report ________.

a) will publish b) will be published c) is going to publish


6. The auditors say that they ____________ the final version of the income statement by the end of next week as they’ve planned.

a) will not have finished b) are not going to finish c) will not be finishing


7. Personally, I _______ any shares because I don’t think the company will ever be able to pay a dividend.

a) will not buy b) am not going to buy c) might not buy


8. Managers can make all the predictions they like, but actually, it’s the markets which _______

a) will decide b) will be deciding c) will have decided


9. I ______ buy a few shares, but only if the market looks good.

a) am to b) will c) am going to


10. The head of our department ___________ the first presentation to analysts next week.

a) makes b) will have made c) will be making


7. Modals: Choose the most appropriate modal verb:

1. Visitors should/could carry an identity card when travelling. 2. Passengers mustn’t /don’t have to smoke on the board of the aircraft. 3. One has to/must get a visa to enter the country. 4. They can’t be/must be in financial difficulty – their profits are up. 5. This airline might not/ shouldn’t go bankrupt if the government supports it financially. 6. The situation may/must improve in the longer term. 7. The competition is increasing, so we might/should have to lower our prices. 8. That can’t be/mustn’t be Ken, he is in London at the moment. 9. We mustn’t/should not use a mobile phone in an airplane. 10. They must be/could be tired after such a long flight.

8. Conditional Sentences. Correct the mistakes in the following sentences:

1. If he had all the necessary materials, he would have made his presentation in time. 2. If the books had been available in our research center, we could do this work more properly. 3. If there are no computers, space flights would be impossible. 4. If the drivers had been more attentive while driving, there would be less accidents on the roads. 5. If I were you, I shall study much more harder. 6. If he saw her, he will speak to her. 7. If it doesn’t rain, we would go for a walk.

Unit 3

Lesson 1. Technologies for Our Home.

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