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A. You will hear a manager interviewing a person for a job. Listen out for these verbs, and then use them to complete sentences 1-5.

start off stay in work for move on look for

1) Could you … by telling me a bit about yourself?

2) I didn’t want to … that field.

3) I think it’s time to ….

4) I’m … more of a challenge.

5) You’ve been … a design company.

B. Listen again to the interview and complete the notes the interviewer makes.

Post: Marketing Director

Interviewee: Chris Clarkson

Qualifications:[1] (1) degree and M.A.[2] in (2) from US

Experience[3]: (3) with Proton Designs

Reasons for wanting job: 1. Company is too (4) 2. Wants more (5) work Good points: 1. Speaks (6) and (7) 2. Responsible for developing(8)


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C. Read the article and find “dos” and “don’ts” from the list on the previous page. | A. Read the short extract from the interview and recognize any constructions expressing Future Actions.

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