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What kind of work are you interested in?

a) well paid

b) interesting

c) in a large and famous company

d) quiet

e) in an industry which has a future

f) prestigious

g) not to sit the whole day in the office

h) to travel a lot

What position would you like to have?

a) to manage people — manager

b) to work for someone else — an employee

c) to be your own boss — self-employed, businessman

d) to be responsible for everything — top manager, director

e) to work for the state — state employee

3. Choose the correct variant:

to pay вибирати
unemployed безробіття
to choose пропонувати
vocational обов’яковий
leave безработні
to be fond of платити
to offer любити, подобатись
unemployment посібник, користь
compulsory професіональний
benefit відпустка

4. Complete the sentences:

1. I want to be a technician because … . 2. It is often difficult to choose a profession because … . 3. Vocational and specialized schools train … . 4. If a student does well, he gets … . 5. Everybody gets a job because there is no … in our country.


Please discuss with your group advantages and disadvantages of your future profession. Do you think that the profession of a welder is prestigios? Is it well-paid? How difficult is it to find a good work in this field?




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