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Major Results of Research


· A new effective approach to the design of control systems for essentially nonlinear variable dynamic objects has been developed. This approach is based on the localization method. A special “fast» internal circuit is formed in the control system to localize the influence of uncontrollable signal and parametric disturbances. The circuit is formed by using the state vector derivative and high gains in the control law, which allows suppressing external disturbances and giving the necessary dynamic characteristics to the control system.

· Methods of analysis and design have been developed for single-channel and multi-channel control systems, adaptive and tracking systems as well as control systems for distributed parameter object.

· A new theory has been developed for routine identification of essentially variable parameters of dynamic objects.

· New effective methods have been designed for parametric identification and identification of impulse response, free from restrictions on the degree of desired parameter variation.

· A new structural approach has been developed to designing algorithms for restoring input signals of dynamic systems.

· New methods and algorithms have been developed for mutual transformations of linear mathematical models of dynamic objects.

· New methods and algorithms for the identification of impulse and frequency responses have been developed. They are effective under conditions of a priori uncertainty and are low sensitive to the properties of objects being identified as well as to the nature and. level of noise.

· New methods and algorithms have been designed for the reconstruction of the differential equation of the object by evaluating its impulse response.

· New methods and algorithms have been designed for the filtration of short realizations of signals


The results of research were discussed at more than 60 international and all-Russian conferences, congresses and symposia of IFAC included. Four all-Russian scientific and engineering conferences on “Microprocessor Control Systems” were held in Novosibirsk (1974, 1987, 1990, and 1992). Five all-Russian scientific and engineering symposia on the application of the identification theory methods in metrology and measurement engineering were also held in Novosibirsk (1972,1975, 1982, 1985,and 1989). Four monographs were published; 60 investigations were completed, with the results being applied at 30 enterprises. A new lecture course on nonlinear control systems was developed as well as a new lecture course on the automatic control theory.

The results of theoretical research were used in solving such engineering problems as the stabilization of electric arc parameters in an electric arc steel-melting furnace, control of an aircraft air conditioning system, and design of a multi-channel adaptive optical system.



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