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Major Results of Research

· A discrete continual model of reinforced shell structures has been built and a numerical method for studying stressedly deformed structures under local stresses has been developed.

· A method for determining full-strength profiles of periodic and doubly periodic aperture systems in cylindrical shells has been elaborated.

· Procedures for studying thin cylindrical shell stability under compound stress have been developed. A method for studying small postrcritical deformations under combined stress has been proposed.

· Tensor equations for the theory of shells of an arbitrary shape and curvature convenient for the finite element method have been formulated.

· Procedures for solving problems of aircraft elasticity under deterministic and random action have been developed.

· A method for the calculation of aircraft and rocket fuel tank characteristics based on the combined use of finite and boundary element methods has been proposed.

· A calculation method for stressedly deformed anisotropic panels with cracks, holes, hard insertions and stiffening elements has been elaborated.

· Fundamental solutions of equations for the theory of flat anisotropic shells of revolution with different supports of end surfaces have been formulated. The cases of finite and semi-infinite shells have been studied. The main part of this solution has been determined.

· A hybrid finite-element method combining the advantages of the integral equation method and finite-element method with the generation of a single stiffness matrix has been elaborated. A procedure for solving problems of structural element shape optimisation has been developed.

· New versions of the energy fracture criterion and algorithms of thin-wall structure stability study have been proposed.

· The simulation of mechanical properties of sphere plastic composite materials has been carried out using equations of the space theory of elasticity. A digital-analog method for studying interlaminar stresses in laminated composite plates with holes has been proposed.

· A computer test stand system model for aircraft stress automatic control has been developed. Based on the equations of the test stand system state, an effect of errors on the functioning of the test stand systems under self-balancing program loads has been studied. Criteria for detecting these errors have been found.

The research being done within the schools of thought at NSTU has resulted in quite a number of applied developments that have gained general recognition and are increasingly used in various fields of industry. Below are given a few examples of innovative designs elaborated by researchers and engineers of NSTU.

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