Choose the correct collocation.

1 I'm finding it hard to summon up / acquire / reach the energy to do anything much in the evenings these days.

2 Have you ever tried any formidable / fever /extreme sports?

3 I didn't realise how difficult the marathon would be when I originally took /had / got up the challenge.

4 I don't think I could ever acquire / educate / achieve a taste for bungee jumping.

5 I'd rise / jump / take at the chance of a trip to Venice if I were offered one!

6 It won't take you long to get the balance / taste / hang of cross-country skiing as you're such an experienced downhill skier.

3. Listening.Reading Explorer 3. Text 9A.

4. Read and translate the texts, note the collocations

Sports news

The mood amongst the crowd reached fever pitch1 at yesterday's match between India and Pakistan. In the last few minutes of the game Khan played a blinder2 and secured a convincing victory for Pakistan.

In the cricket match between Australia and South Africa the score currently stands at 65 for 3 wickets. We'll bring you the latest scores on the hour, every hour.

1 became very excited/agitated

2 (informal) performed brilliantly, usually in sport

Match reports

The teams took the field1 to the applause of 5,000 spectators. Despite putting up a determined performance, the England team seemed unable to break through the formidable Australian defence. After some impressive tackles, Australia was awarded a penalty just before half time. The penalty was missed, much to the delight of.

Yesterday's match was full of excitement with three players being given yellow cards and some controversial free kicks. The game was lost when the Blues scored an own goal2 in the last two minutes. The crowd went wild3.

1 went on the pitch

2 scored a goal in error against their own team

3 become crazy with excitement (can also be used for other emotions, such as rage)



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