C. Fill in the gaps with the correct articles.

Different professions and occupations are plentiful in terms of contemporary reality. First of all, one should have ___ idea of why it happens that there is such ____ versatility of occupations and specializations among individuals. It can be counted historically and economically. To make it plain, ___ diversity of professions at large provides a scope of positive and negative features to ____ mankind.

Pros ? First, Driving progress. Professions make it possible that ____ humanity develops positively. ____ complexity of different professions serves as ___ mechanism to break ____relationships between ____ individuals down. Hence, one should not neglect such ____ value of different occupations. Second, Making people thrive. As long as ___ society has different professions and progress on the whole, it gives ground to suppose ____ people living in it as prosperous ones. As a matter of fact, individuals share material amenities while interrelating and communicating. If ____ businessman needs financial aid, he/she goes to ___ bank and vice versa, if ____ banker needs something to be done, he/she goes to ___ businessman to arrange it somehow. ? Third, Optimizing the work process. ____ Employees have no need to worry about ____ adjustment of different task. There are leading and subordinate professions. ____ Leading ones coordinate ____ work of ___ subordinate. In turn it guarantees continuity of the work process.

Cons ? First, Making noise. Different professions are considered with heavy and light industries. It also touches upon ___ noisiness of ____ plants and factories. All in all, it affects peoples' health. Second, Providing distress. When ___ person is fired out, it can afflict distress or some other disorders. On the other hand, people seeking better wages and better positions at work, can face _____ misbalance in what they can do at ____ moment and what is recommended. This also provokes _____ stress.

(the source: http://www.articlesbase.com/education-articles/different-professions-positive-and-negative-sides-2599423.html )



  1. A) Choose the correct answer.
  2. Are the following statements true or false? Correct the false sentences.
  3. Are these instructions correct?
  4. Are these true or false? Correct the false ones.
  5. B) Fill in the blanks with the correct word-combination
  6. B. Missing word cloze quiz. Choose the correct word from 1) 8).
  7. C. Below you can see a rather spacious area which you can use as your dream kitchen. Furnish it. Dont forget to name the items correctly.
  8. C. Choose the correct words.
  9. Choose the correct answer
  10. Choose the correct answer.
  11. Choose the correct answer.

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