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E. Write a detailed plan of the text giving headings to its paragraphs and using the words and word combinations in bold.

III. Vocabulary: Taking Jobs.

A. Add an ending and put the words in the correct column. Underline the stressed syllable and practise saying the words:

Act, compose, conduct, cycle, design, direct, football, guitar, invent, law, lead, music, paint, photograph, politics, physics, present, science, sculpt, violin.


-er -or -ian -ist
leader actor politician physicist  


B. Consult the dictionary about the meanings of the following words and make up your own sentences with them:

Apply, contract, employee, employer, experience, overtime, permanent, qualifications, resign, retire, temporary.


C. Do you know anybody who …


1. is applying for a job? What kind of job?

2. has just retired? How old is he / she?

3. has been promoted recently? What to?

4. does a lot of overtime? Why?

5. was sacked from his / her job? Why?

6. is self-employed? What does he / she do?

7. is doing a temporary job? What?

8. has a part-time job? What hours does he / she work?


IV. Grammar Review: Articles.

A. Complete rules 1-4 with definite or indefinite to show whether they refer to the definite article the or the indefinite article a/an.

1. The ___________ article is used with nouns that refer to one unique thing.

2. The ___________ article is used before superlative adjectives.

3. The ___________ article is used before non-specific singular countable nouns.

4. The ___________ article is used when a noun has already been mentioned.


B. Decide if these sentences contain mistakes in the use of articles. Correct the mistakes where necessary.

1. He’s accountant at Morgan Stanley. 2. Sydney Opera House would be a great location for the new ad campaign. 3. The financial report will be with you next week. 4. Experts seem to agree that the energy needs to be saved. 5. Try to make a connection with your audience. 6. I want to focus on a main argument… . 7. His presentation had strong start. 8. Finnish delegation is arriving this afternoon. 9. Finance must be an interesting area to work in. 10. Interest has risen in Telecommunications market. 11. I must emphasize importance of this topic. 12. Have you got results of your latest survey.


Grammar Expansion: Functional usage of the articles in communication.

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Migrants Steal the Market Share | C. Fill in the gaps with the correct articles.

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