Idols in the Studio

(Based on Famous for Fifteen Minutes by Ultra Violet)

One day in 1965, we are having tea at the Saint Regis Hotel with my idol companion. A little man in a synthetic wig white on top, silver in the middle, and black underneath, with rat-tails on the side comes to our table.

The little man, with one blue eye and one gray eye, clay skin, chalk complexion and a hollow stare greets Dali.

Dali introduces us.

Isabeau, I'd like to present Andy Warhol. Andy, this is Isabeau de Baviere.

In an odd way I like the little cartoon man. I feel as if I know him. I feel drawn to him.

Oh, you are so beautiful, Warhol says. Let's do a movie together!

Dali slowly raises his hand. He invites us to his studio in the Saint Regis suite.

Large drawing books and pencils are waiting for us in the seats of three armchairs. A tall, nude, female model is lying on a velvet couch. A large lobster shell is resting on the arm of the couch.

The room is full of Dali's toys: cards and photographs of exotic places and beautiful people (with dozens and dozens of himself), dried flowers and insects, a white plaster Venus de Milo, yards of red velvet, a carton pyramid, live lobsters in aquarium.

Andy is gazing at all these odd objects.

Oh! How great! he exclaims.

Dali reaches the model and raises her arm. He treats her like a dummy, and places a handful of dried ants in her armpit. Then he puts the telephone next to Venus's hipbone and puts the lobster on top of the receiver.

Immortal Dali is now drawing the nude. His rapid strokes on the paper sound like quick, light whiplashes: tac, tac, tac. In a swift line, he contours Venus, puts her hair in place: tac, tac, tac. The ants appear now: r, r, r. He completes his drawing at lightning speed. He's through now. Andy is sitting still as if he's talking to the Eternal. Later he is drawing legs, torso, and neck. Dali looks over his shoulder and says, Not bad, not bad'. He pulls the drawing from Andy's hand and tac, tac, tac he finishes it, signs it, and keeps it.


Ex. 3. :

1. My fascinating body. = My beautiful (very handsome) body.

2. I looked gorgeous. = I looked wonderful (fascinating, great). I was handsome.

3. I took a step... = I made one step... (I stepped on the floor).

4. What's going n? = What's happening? What's the matter?

5. Mike was motionless and deaf. = Mike stood still (didn't move) and didn't hear me. He didn't hear anything at all.

6. Mike gave his reply. = Mike answered (replied). .

7...to ache like neglected teeth = to be painful like ill teeth.

8. How all these models manage to enjoy themselves... = How they can enjoy themselves...

9. Don't wobble! = Don't move, stand still!

10. ...models have no right to talk. = Models must not talk. They must not pronounce a sound.

11. Shut up! = Close your mouth, don't say a word!

12. I failed = I couldn't do what I tried to do.

13. I made another try. = I tried once again.

14. I'm getting it. = I'll do it (I'll be through) in a minute.

15. I made up my mind not to move... = I took a decision (decided) not to move.

16. ...Mike called on me... = Mike came to my house for a minute.


Ex. 4. :

to like - like - to look like - I'd like to.

1. He likes battle painting. She likes fruit.

2. How do you like this picture? Oh, very much, I'd like to have it at home.

3. The girl looks like her mother. The model looks like a dummy.

4. treats the model like a toy. She treats the dog like her son

5. I don't like tea, I prefer coffee.

6. Don't paint like that, please!

7. Like father like son. Like painter like picture.

Ex. 5. .


Ex. 1. .

Ex. 6.  .


1. painting drawing.

2. 䳿?


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