The process of finding people for particular jobs is recruitment or hiring. Someone who has been recruited is a recruit (a hire). The company or organization employs (hires) him/her. A company may recruit employees directly or use employment agencies. Nowadays some agencies use the practice of headhunting when outside specialists called headhunters persuade people for very important jobs to leave their organizations they work for in search of very important jobs. Many organizations and companies hire candidates who come recommended by current employees.

Nearly everyone sooner or later, finds himself searching for a job. Most candidates usually hunt for a job themselves they look through: advertisements about vacancies on the page Employment in a newspaper or on Jobs site in the Internet or take their parents' or friends' advice, etc. If a person finds out appropriate information, he applies for a job. At the beginning he sends his typed or printed CV or resume with the information about his education, background and work experience. This paper usually accompanies a letter of application or a cover letter explaining why he wants the job and why he is the right person for it. The cover letter serves as an introduction and guide to the resume, but after you've sent these papers, you shouldn't just sit by the phone waiting for an answer. Don't forget that companies receive hundreds of e-mails, resumes, so an applicant should call a company. Receiving these papers, the personnel department of the company analyses them: the backgrounds of the applicant, the job experience and educational qualifications.


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