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Answer the questions.

1. Under what conditions does competition occur?

2. What is the difference between perfect competition and pure monopoly?

3. What is the goal of a company in purely competitive market structure?

4. What types of pure monopoly are considered beneficial for the state?

5. Why does the government give the utility companies exclusive rights?


12* Say if the statements are true or false. Prove your point.


l. Both perfect competition and pure monopoly have many sellers of the same product.

2. Most government monopolies tend to provide goods or services that enhance the general welfare.

3. Perfect competition exists when a single firm controls the total production or sale of a good or service.

4. Pure monopoly exists when there are many buyers and sellers, none of whom control prices.

5. The goal of any seller is to attract enough buyers to his product in order to earn a profit.

6. In a purely competitive market structure one firm is the sole producer or seller of a good or service.

7. Public utilities are the leading examples of geographic monopolies.

8. Firms and individuals apply for patents to protect their technological discoveries.


13* Complete the following sentences by choosing the one correct variant (a, b or c) that best completes the sen­tence.

1. The most competitive type of industry is that with ________.

a. pure monopoly

b. perfect competition,

с total production


2. Buyers must have ____________ to information on the products and prices available.

a. easy access

b. demand

с supply


3. Monopolies often advertise their product or service to __________.

a. make a profit

b. control prices

с promote the company's image.


4. The government gives utility companies the _______ to provide service in a specific geographic region.

a. copyright

b. exclusive right

c. huge income


5.__________encourage firms to invest in the research and development of new products and production techniques.

a. patent laws

b. buyers and sellers

с consumers




Study the expressions in the Useful Language box which are used to express different language functions. The list of expressions in each function can be continued. Think of expressions, which can be added to each function.

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