1.Translate the following words and phrases:


Terminal (Domestic-, International -)

Waiting Hall= Waiting Lounge

Arrival Hall

Departure Hall

VIP Hall

Information desk=Information office



Airbridge=telescopic bridge=jet way

Luggage=Baggage (light/heavy)

Hand luggage=carry-on luggage

To put=to place=to stow

Flight/Flight number

Fly (flew, flown)


Take off




Airplane/ aircraft/ airliner


Wide-bodied/Narrow-bodied aircraft

Double (two-) decked airplane

Upper/ lower deck

Forward/Middle/Tail door





Landing gear=undercarriage


Tail (unit)

Cockpit=flight deck

Cabin (forward -, middle -, rear -)

Business-Class cabin/Economy-Class cabin

Baggage, mail and cargo compartment

Passenger ( transit- , transfer - )

First-Class passenger/Economy-class passenger

Passenger ticket=flight ticket

Boarding card=boarding pass


Window shade=window blind

Vacant seat

Seat number

Row (the last row but one)







Overhead panel=passenger service unit

Airvent (air ventilating system)


General / main lighting

Emergency lighting

Dim lighting

Individual reading light button

Overhead (stowage) bin= overhead compartment / overhead rack

(Illuminated) Sign



Passenger chair

(Reclining) Seat back=backrest

Button for fixing the seatback in a comfortable (upright=vertical) position

(Disposable) Headrest cover

(Folding) Armrest

Tray- table

(Safety) Seat belt


Seat pocket=back pocket

(attendant) Call button

Electronic devices



To fasten/ to unfasten

To tighten

To be out of order (do not/does not work)

Lift = open


a) Wide-bodied 1) pass
b) middle 2) deck
c) boarding 3) aircraft
d) flight 4) number
e) window 5) door
f) seat 6) devices
g) electronic 7) back rest
h) reclining 8) blind


a) Landing 1) Headrest cover
b) Cargo 2) gear
c) economy-class 3) pocket
d) Individual reading 4) compartment
e) disposable 5) button
f) seat 6) armrest
g) call 7) cabin
h) Folding 8) light button


3.Translate the following sentences into Russian:


1. The number of flight attendants is different according to the number of passengers.

2. Whats the number of emergency exits?

3. Are there any children without parents on board?

4. Please, fasten your seatbelts.

5. Is this a passenger airplane?

6. Whats your seat number?

7. If you need any help, please, press call button.

8. Would you like a window seat?

9. Please, put your hand luggage under the seat in front of you.

10. No smoking sign is on.

11. Fasten seat belt sign is off.

12. How many passenger chairs are there in the middle cabin?

13. Open the hatches!

14. Please, switch off all electronic devices while take-off.

15. Unfasten your seatbelts!

16. We have 12 first-class passengers on board.

17. Economy-class passengers are in the rear cabin.

18. The signs are off.

19. Your seat is at the window.

20. The seat numbers are shown (indicated) on the ceiling.

21. Excuse me, but you took a wrong seat.

22. Do not put your hand luggage in the aisles and next to the emergency exits.

23. Flight attendants will help you.

24. Please, remove your footrest.

25. Remain on the wing.

26. Safety instructions card is in the seat pocket in front of you.

27. There is a vacant seat.

28. Take any unoccupied seat.

29. Do you understand me? Can you repeat that?

30. The flight is delayed due to bad weather conditions.

31. I want to change the seat. Is smoking allowed now?

32. It is safer to stow your bag on the floor.

33. Thanks for flying with us!

34. Smoking is forbidden. Dont walk, please.

35. A passenger sitting in the first class, has a business class ticket.

36. Listen to some information about the flight, please.

37. Do not worry! Do not hurry!

38. The first class is in the nose of the aircraft, and separated from the other classes by curtains.

39. Each class differs by the size of the seats and distance between them.

40. The seat number is often indicated on the boarding pass.

41. Our flight time will be 2 hours 45 minutes.

42. The length of the route is 1065 km.

43. We welcome you on our flight to Helsinki.

44. The captain and his crew wish you a pleasant flight.

45. Are you comfortable here?

46. Im afraid this isnt your seat.

47. Can you change seats with this lady? Let me help you with your baby.


4. Match the given words with their meanings:

1. blanket a) section of the plane that opens in the case of an accident
2. co-pilot b) feel good physically, able to relax
3. domestic c) person who helps the captain fly the plane
4. comfortable d) warm covering
5. emergency exit e) airfare purchased on the internet
6. e-ticket f) free of charge
7. complimentary g) more expensive seating, with better services
8. first-class h) within the same country


5.Translate the sentences:

1) If you feel cold I can get you a blanket.

2) You might be more comfortable in an aisle seat.

3) We offer complimentarycoffee or tea, but you have to pay for alcohol.

4) If the captain gets sick the co-pilot can take over.

5) You should be at the airport two hours ahead of time for domestic flights.

6) Are you comfortable sitting next to the emergency exit?

7) You will need to present your identification along with your e-ticket.

8) When you sit in first-classyou get a better meal to eat.



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