Ankle Arm Armpit Body Buttocks Cheek Chest Chin Ear Elbow Eye Eyebrow Face Feet-Foot Finger Forearm Forehead Joint Hair Hand Head Heel Hip Knee Leg Lip Mouth Nail Neck Nose Palm Shoulder Spine Skin Teeth-Tooth Throat Toe Tongue Wrist
Ø Disease=Illness Ø Infectious diseases Ø Cholera Ø Yellow fever Ø Smallpox Ø Typhoid fever Ø Plague Ø Malaria Ø Ulcer Ø Indigestion Ø Heartburn Ø Intoxication Ø Diarrhoea=Stomach trouble Ø Vomiting Ø Giddiness Ø Constipation Ø Headache Ø Stomachache Ø Toothache Ø Heartache= Heart trouble Ø To catch a disease Ø To have a slight headache Ø Short breath Ø To fall ill Ø To have a bad toothache Ø Pain (slight -, a bit of -, sharp-) Ø Bleeding (external-, internal-, nose-) Ø Suffocation Ø Sick passenger Ø feel sick/Airsickness Ø Attack=Fit Ø (Attack of) Epilepsy Ø (Attack of) Asthma Ø Neural fit Ø Spasm Ø Flu=Influenza Ø Angina=Sore throat Ø Cold Ø Running nose=Head cold Ø Cough/Fit of coughing Ø Fever (slight -, high-) Ø To swallow Ø Allergy to Ø To suffer from insomnia Ø To have a bad cough Ø Liver attack Ø Hysterical fit Ø To lose consciousness Ø To break a leg / an arm Ø To look unwell  
Pulse (normal/ weak/quick) Blood pressure (high-, low ) A fracture/to fracture An injury/to injure A dislocation/to dislocate Airsickness bag Health To take medicine Breath To breathe in=Inhale To breathe out=Exhale Pregnant woman Some fit (Premature) Delivery=Child-birth To listen to heart / to lungs  
Ø Medicine (for ...) Ø Pill=Tablet Ø Nicotine inclusive remedies Ø Iodine Ø Brilliant green Ø Ointment Ø Drops Ø Powder Ø Ammonia Ø Spirit of camphor Ø Splint Ø (Bactericidial) Plaster Ø Bandage Ø Stretcher Ø Side effects Ø To consult a doctor Ø To administer=Render the First-Aid Ø First-aid kit Ø Drugs kit Ø Thermometer Ø Calmative=sedative Ø Analgesic=Pain-killer=Analgetic Ø Antiseptics Ø Aspirin Ø Paracetamol Ø Antipyretic=Febrifuge Ø Obstipant Ø Inoculation Ø Vaccination certificate Ø To be vaccinated (inoculated) against... Ø A sleeping pill Ø Nasal drops Ø Boiled water Ø Drug / remedy


During the flight some passengers can feel bad (ill), thats why on board each aircraft a first aid kit is carried to administer first aid. It contains some cardiac, some analgesic, some antiseptic, something for indigestion and other necessary medicines. There are also some bandage remedies, an electronic thermometer and a blood tester.

The medicines are in tablets, drops, powder and spray.

CAs must help a sick passenger if he or she has a heart trouble, a heart attack, a headache, a cold, a headcold, a stomachache, liver or kidneys colic, stomach spasms, a slight or high fever, an asthma attack, a sore throat, a toothache, a pain in the chest, a cough, a blocked nose, some fit, epilepsy, a cut, gets airsick, gets nervous, feels dizzy (giddy).

Every aircraft also carries a drugs kit which is a sealed metal box containing some medicines in ampoules ['æmpuːl] for injections and some medical remedies, but it must be used by a doctor or a medically trained person.

In a more serious case lets say a premature birth the purser or the captain can make an announcement calling for a doctor or a medically trained person.


Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a call for a doctor! If you are a physician, or if you are trained for emergency medical procedures, please inform the cabin crew. We need your assistance. Thank you.


Ladies and Gentlemen! If there is a doctor on board, please, make yourself known to a member of the crew immediately by pressing your call button. Thank you.



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  7. Complete the sentences so that they mean the same as the first sentence. Use -ing.
  8. E. Write in words how you would say the numbers in brackets, in British English. The first one is done as an example for you.
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