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Read the article again and answer the questions.

1. The article contains a lot of dates and figures. What do these dates

refer to?

1897, 1959, 1972, 1989

2. What do these figures refer to?

3:1, 41%-32%, 60, 28%-33%, 80%, $2.5 billion, $112 million, 720,

$750 million, 13:1.

3. Is Pepsi or Coca-Cola more dominant in your home market? Can you think of reasons why?

4. What tactics do they use to increase sales?

5. What other very competitive markets are there in Russia? (e.g. fast food, chocolates and sweets, footwear) Who are the main competitors?


5 (11). Listening. Listen to Keith Jackson talking about competition in a global market. Note the definitions of three strategies for becoming a market leader.

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