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Read the article again. Are these statements true or false?

1. Carlos Ghosn is the head of BMW. It is false. He is the head of Renault company.

2. He travels between Asia, Europe and the USA.

3. Some workers travel to different countries to work on projects.

4. Indian software engineers work on projects in the UK.

5. It is difficult to travel between European cities.

6. It is interesting to meet people from different countries.

7. Contacts in different countries are good for business.

8. It is difficult to know what country to pay tax in.


3. Speaking. Do you like the idea of working in a different country as part of your job? What countries do you think are interesting to work in?

Complete the table with a country or nationality. 1-5 are from the article. Use a dictionary to help you with 6-12.

1. France 1. French 7. Germany 7.
2. Brazil 2. 8. 8. Chinese
3. 3. American 9. 9. Polish
4. 4. British 10. Japan 10.
5. 5. Indian 11. 11. Russian
6. Spain 6. 12. Kuwait 12.


5. Choose the correct word in italics.

1. We are Britain/British but we live in China / Chinese.

2. There are a lot of Australian / Australia workers in Hong Kong.

3. I am from Poland / Polish and I live in Warsaw.

4. Three of our employees are in Japanese / Japan on a project.

5. The head of the company is Sweden / Swedish.

6. Is this your first visit to Asia / Asian?

Talk about the nationalities of these companies. Talk about other companies you know.

Shanghai Tang, Michelin, General Motors, Aeroflot, Adidas, Sony, McDonalds.

Shanghai Tang is a Chinese company.

7. Career skills.

Introducing yourself

When we meet business contacts for the first time, we usually give information about ourselves, for example name, nationality, job title, company, etc. We may also need to ask people for information about themselves. Look at the following examples:


1.What is your name? I am Tom Allen. (My name is Tom Allen.)
2. Where are you from? I am from Brazil.
3. What do you do? I am an IT manager.
4. What company are you with? I am with Alcoa.
5. What countries do you have contacts with? We have contacts with Japan and China.
6. How many employees are there in your company? There are one million employees.
7. Do you travel a lot on business? Yes, quite a lot.


8 (1). Listening. Listen to the conversation and answer the questions.

1. Is this Jan’s first or second meeting with Ben?

2. What company is Ben (Jan) with?

3. What is Ben (Jan)?

4. What nationality is Ben’s company?


9. Speaking. Use the information from the table. Introduce yourself to your partner and ask questions.

10. Find the meaning of the following words in the dictionary:production, distribution, consumption, supply, demand, income, entrepreneur, profit.

Read the text and explain the words in bold.

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