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Make up five questions about the text beginning with

"What does the ‘island nation’ mean?"

"Who has created the English world?"

"Why England’s coastline has helped to shape the history of England?"

"Where is a continuity of tradition impossible?"

"How have Englishmen related to their history?"

"When was the Indusrial Revolution?"

2.1.5. Listen to Audio-Target 2 once more, paying special attention to some of the most important aspects of English pronunciation:

1) the nature of English stressed syllables;

2) the basic peculiarities of English consonants;

3) the basic principles of English stress-timing;

4) the specific characteristics of the basic English prosodic contour and its modifications in the text;

5) the basic modifications of loudness and tempo within the text.

——— 2.2. Syllables, Stress, Rhythm, Prosody —

Divide the words of the text into fully-meaningful and syn-categorematic ones.

Mark off the fully-meaningful words by underscoring them in the printed text.

Which of the words of either group is going to be stressed and why?

2.2.2. Listen to the tape and comment on the pronunciation of the stressed syllables in the following words:

economy pleasant

religion impossible

women psychology

character tradition

spirit separated

recognized knowledge

assimilated ceremonies

What are the basic principles that have to be followed here?

2-2.3. Transcribe these words, dividing them into syllables (use "The Pronouncing English Dictionary" for that purpose).

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Listen to the way the following words are said by the speaker on the tape. | Which of the words in the text are stressed and which are accented? Study the words in the two boxes below and divide them into two groups — the stressed words and the

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