Lingua franca and pragmatic theory

The second question to be answered is how pragmatic theories explain lingua franca communication in which basic concepts such as common ground, mutual knowledge, cooperation, and relevance gain new meaning. Seeking an answer to this question I will review two important issues in pragmatic theory:

cooperation, common ground, and mutual knowledge; and

literal and non-literal meaning.



  1. A short theory
  2. Attitudes towards English as a Lingua Franca
  3. Bilingualism: New Prospects
  4. Characteristics of successful lingua franca English conversation
  5. Classical pragmatics
  6. Debated Problems within the Theory of the Phrase
  7. Examples of the Application of Colour Theory
  8. Formulaic language in pragmatics research
  9. Kinetic Theory of Gases
  10. Lingua franca communication research
  11. Lingua Franca Conversation as Learner Language Interaction

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