Attitudes towards English as a Lingua Franca

The preliminary results of the attitude study, the questionnaire and interviews based on commonalities of lingua franca speech, suggest that listeners show relatively limited negative reaction to non-standard form, such as deviance in word form and grammar but react strongly to heavily-accented speech.


  1. A Survey of Swiss English Teachers
  2. A. What countries is English the first language? Match English-speaking countries with their national flags and capitals.
  3. Act as an interpreter. Translate the description of N-type and P-type- semiconductors given by your group mates from English into Russian.
  4. An Extract from the Late Middle English works criticizing the Church
  5. Ask your friend questions in English about their content. Summarize his/her answers.
  6. Attitudes to NS/NNS English in general
  7. Background: English as the language of publication and instruction
  8. Basic intonation patterns of English
  9. Behavior and attitudes
  10. Bilingualism: New Prospects
  11. But as he stretched out a hand towards it, a centaurs hoof descended upon the wand and it broke cleanly in half.

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