The woman gave an angry little titter.

Think your little jokesll help you on your death bed, then? she jeered.

Jokes? No, no, these are manners, replied Dumbledore.

Do it, said the stranger standing nearest to Harry, a big, rangy man with matted grey hair and whiskers, whose black Death Eaters robes looked uncomfortably tight. He had a voice like none that Harry had ever heard: a rasping bark of a voice. Harry could smell a powerful mixture of dirt, sweat and, unmistakeably, of blood coming from him. His filthy hands had long yellowish nails.

Is that you, Fenrir? asked Dumbledore.

Thats right, rasped the other. Pleased to see me, Dumbledore?

No, I cannot say that I am

Fenrir Greyback grinned, showing pointed teeth. Blood trickled down his chin and he licked his lips slowly, obscenely.

But you know how much I like kids, Dumbledore.

Am I to take it that you are attacking even without the full moon now? This is most unusual you have developed a taste for human flesh that cannot be satisfied once a month?

Thats right, said Greyback. Shocks you, that, does it, Dumbledore? Frightens you?

Well, I cannot pretend it does not disgust me a little, said Dumbledore. And, yes, I am a little shocked that Draco here invited you, of all people, into the school where his friends live

I didnt, breathed Malfoy. He was not looking at Greyback; he did not seem to want to even glance at him. I didnt know he was going to come

I wouldnt want to miss a trip to Hogwarts, Dumbledore, rasped Greyback. Not when there are throats to be ripped out delicious, delicious

And he raised a yellow fingernail and picked at his front teeth, leering at Dumbledore.

I could do you for afters, Dumbledore

No, said the fourth Death Eater sharply. He had a heavy, brutal-looking face. Weve got orders. Dracos got to do it. Now, Draco, and quickly.

Malfoy was showing less resolution than ever. He looked terrified as he stared into Dumbledores face, which was even paler, and rather lower than usual, as he had slid so far down the rampart wall.

Hes not long for this world anyway, if you ask me! said the lopsided man, to the accompaniment of his sisters wheezing giggles. Look at himwhats happened to you, then, Dumby?

Oh, weaker resistance, slower reflexes, Amycus, said Dumbledore. Old age, in short one day, perhaps, it will happen to you if you are lucky

Whats that mean, then, whats that mean? yelled the Death Eater, suddenly violent. Always the same, werent yeh, Dumby, talking and doing nothing, nothing, I dont even know why the Dark Lords bothering to kill yeh! Come on, Draco, do it!

But at that moment, there were renewed sounds of scuffling from below and a voice shouted, Theyve blocked the stairsReducto! REDUCTO!

Harrys heart leapt: so these four had not eliminated all opposition, but merely broken through the fight to the top of the Tower, and, by the sound of it, created a barrier behind them

Now, Draco, quickly! said the brutal-faced man angrily.


  1. A little girl eats a big apple
  2. And with a regal wave, he waddled out of the shop, taking as little notice of Ron as though he had been a display of Cockroach Clusters.
  3. As he had expected, Mrs. Dursley looked shocked and angry. After all, they normally pretended she didnt have a sister.
  4. At this, Professor Trelawney gave a wild little laugh in which a hiccough was barely hidden.
  5. Bill reappeared, carrying the little goblin, whom he set down carefully upon the bed. Griphook grunted thanks, and Bill left, closing the door upon them all.
  6. But Harry was still too angry to see much humor in the situation, and after a while Rons snorts subsided.
  7. But he looked neither angry nor worried. On the contrary, he was looking at Harry with distinct pride.
  8. But there was an angry outcry from the surrounding benches. Several of the witches and wizards around the walls stood up, shaking their heads, and even their fists, at Mr. Crouch.
  9. Dumbledore inclined his head in a little bow.
  10. E) Once upon a time there was a little girl called Cinderella. Her mother was dead, and she lived with her father and two elder sisters.
  11. Frightened, stumbling a little through the gloom, Lucius left the room. Vodlemort continued to stand there, twirling the wand between his fingers, staring at it.
  12. Hagrid looked a little confused.

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Malfoy winced at the sound of the name. | But Malfoys hand was shaking so badly that he could barely aim.

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