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A. In these sentences, underline the verbs and circle the subjects.

1. Mr. And Mrs. Price are buying a house.

2. Their real estate agent and their banker are helping to arrange the mortgage.

3. The agent and the Prices’ lawyer disagree over the terms of the sale.

4. The Prices and the banker are eager about the deal.

5. The agent, the banker, the lawyer, and the Prices all will be happy after the settlement of the purchase.

6. Regina and her boss were discussing her salary.

7. Accuracy, thoroughness, and conscientiousness were her reasons for a raise.

8. Poor sales and high expenses were his justification for low salaries.

9. Regina and her employer met frequently to discuss her salary.

10. Her raise will begin on the first of the month.


B. In these sentences, underline each adjective and circle the noun it is describing.

1. A difficult job can be challenging.

2. But a good boss is an inspiration.

3. Sheila has a quiet boss.

4. He keeps a low profile.

5. Gary has a dynamic boss.

6. She works long hours.

7. Both employers earn high salaries.

8. This is a fair situation.

9. They are smart individuals.

10. Sheila and Gary appreciate their rare positions.


C. Turn each of these words into adjectives:

boast, admit, spine, photograph, infinity, tact, music.


D .First change these words into adverbs. Then use each new adverb in a sentence.

Merry, horrible, happy, exhausted


E. In each of these sentences, circle the adverbs and underline the verbs.

1. Anita never asks questions.

2. She often makes mistakes.

3. Dennis will sometimes correct Anita’s errors.

4. Anita always appreciates his help.

5. But she does not show it.

6. Anita always conceals her errors.

7. She should not hide her feelings.

8. Dennis can always perceive Anita’s gratitude.

9. He also recognizes her shyness.

10. Anita should not neglect a good friend.


V. A. Study this organization. Which department:

1) puts the products in boxes and crates?

2) places ads in magazines?

3) pays the staff?

4) purchases supplies?

5) sells the products to customers?

6) plans how to sell new products?

7) services the machines and equipment?

8) arranges courses for the staff?

9) recruits new employees?

10) manufactures the products?

11) invoices customers?

12) looks after customers’ problems and complaints?

13) dispatches the products and sends them to customers?

14) organizes control systems to prevent mistakes?

15) deals with taxation, investment, and cash management?



Human Resources Production Marketing Finance
Training   Personnel   Wages and Salaries Production   Packaging   Distribution   Quality   Maintenance Marketing   Sales   After-Sales Service   Advertising Buying   Customer Accounts   Financial services


B Speak about your company structure.



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E. In each sentence, underline the verb and circle the adverb. | B. Underline every adjective in this letter. Then draw an arrow to the noun it is describing.

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