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The compound verbal aspect predicate.

The compound verbal aspect predicate expresses the beginning, repetition, duration, or cessation of the action expressed by the non-finite form of the verb. It consists of such verbs as to begin, to start, to commence, to fall, to set about, to go on, to keep on, to proceed, to continue, to stop, to give up, to finish, to cease, to come and an infinitive or a gerund.

Here also belong would and used + Infinitive, which denote arepeated action in the past.


Elaine, this ill-advised behaviour of yours is beginning to have results.


That view had come to givehim a feeling of ease and happiness. (Lindsay)

His bones ceased to ache.(Lindsay)

She hadstopped askingYates about the time. (Heym)

Meanwhile armored infantry continued to feelits way in a northerly

direction. (Heym)

I keptglancing at her through the rest of the play. (Braine)

I used to writepoetry myself when I was his age. (Herbert)

I lived with a man once who used to makeme mad that way. He would lollon the sofa and watch me doing things by the hour. (Jerome)


Mixed types of predicate.

Besides the compound nominal predicate, the compound verbal modal predicate and the compound verbal aspect predicate, there is a type of predicate in which we have elements of two types of predicates. Such predicates contain three components.

Thus we have:

1. The compound modal nominal predicate.


The nephew was to be the meansof introduction. (Da Maurier)

He greatly longed to be the next heirhimself. (De la Roche)

Don’t think I mean to be unkind.(Du Maurier)


2. The compound aspect nominal predicate.


The grey house hadceased to be ahouse for family life. (Buck)

It was like coming ashore after a channel crossing Ibegan to feel rather

hungry. (Du Maurier)

I was glad that the doctor had been Chinese, and not American. I continued

to be gladfor that. (Buck)


3. The compound modal aspect predicate.


And all the while he felt the presence of Pat and had to keep on resistingthe

impulse to turn round. (Lindsay)

Something happened nearly a year ago that altered my whole life. I had to

begin livingall over again. (Du Maurier)

He ought to stop doingnothing and criticizingeverybody. (Lindsay)




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The Objective Predicative. | In the English language the predicate agrees with the subject in person and number.

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