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Typical Day at a Military Academy

Daily Routine

No matter what the background of a future cadet is, chances are the living arrangements at the academy are different from anything he or she have experienced. The day begins with reveille and ends with lights out. The cadet goes on details, marches to meals and wears uniforms for almost everything he or she does. The cadet and his roommates must keep their room ready for a military inspection at any time and keep personal uniforms in regulation conditions: a room or uniform that is not in proper order or “squared away” will result in punishment for its owner.

All cadets live in a dormitory complex. The future officer is assigned to a room with one or more cadets and lives in close proximity to about 130 other cadets in his company. Male and female cadets from all four classes make up each company. Each company has its own living area, for meetings and recreation. Cadet rooms are wired for computers, Internet access and phones.

The company is the most important unit of the 4,000-member Brigade of Cadets. Many of the most rewarding experiences at the Academy are those the cadets share with members of their company. They eat, sleep, study, drill, play and compete as teams with their company mates. The cadets learn to trust and rely on each other. The company experience also give the person an idea of how things work in the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps, where small-unit cohesion, teamwork and morale are as important in peacetime operations as in combat. Each year, companies compete for the title, ‘Color Company’, the best in the Brigade. The year-long color competition among the 30 companies is one way company spirit is built. Companies accumulate points for academic, professional and intramural excellence. The company with the most points is recognized at the Color ParadeduringCommissioning Week and then enjoys special privileges for the next year, including the honor of representing the Academy at official functions such as presidential inaugurations.

0445. The day starts with the blaring sounds of Reveille over the Public Address (PA) system in the barracks. The cadets snap out of their racks and get dressed for morning PT (Physical Training). Each company of cadets forms up in ranks for morning exercises and a brisk morning run. They run in formation as the Drill Instructor (DI) provides a motivating cadence to keep everyone in step.

0600. Morning run ends with company led cheers to show their spirit. After a brief cool-down period of stretches the cadets are given the opportunity to shower and put on their uniforms for Breakfast muster.

0635–0710. The cadets march into the mess hall for a delicious and nutritious meal. During the meal the cadets are required to sit on the front six inches of their chair with their feet flat on the floorat a 45 degree angle. This promotes good posture, or at least that's what they are told.

0710–0800. After Breakfast the cadets return to the barracks to clean their rooms. The cadets make their beds to exacting precision with hospital corners. Next the cadets are responsible for cleaning the bathrooms and showers that are in the barracks. At approximately 0745 the Drill Instructors and Officers inspect the cadets rooms and cleaning stations. Details are meticulously inspected to ensure proper hygiene.

0800. Morning Colors. At 0800 each day the cadets get into formation to raise the flag. This very symbolic ceremony instills pride and respectfor America.

0800–1200. Four one hour instructionalandadministrative periods. These various blocks of time are filled with instruction in marching and drill, honor and integrity, military studies, leadership as well as other basic subjects. The administrative duties include issuing of new uniforms and supplies, paperwork and medical examinations. The cadets also receive counseling and instruction on stress management.

1200–1300. Lunch. During the meals the cadets are responsible for setting up their tables, serving themselves as well as the officers, and cleaning up afterwards. All cadets quickly learn to clean up after themselves.

1300–1700. More one hour sessions with topics such as military duties and familiarization with the military traditions.

1700–1800. Afternoon PT and intramurals. All cadets are required to participate in various athletic events. This participation fosters teamwork, competitiveness and company pride.

1800–1900. Dinner. Before each meal all cadets are given the opportunity to say grace if so desired. Each candidate is given 20 full minutes to complete his or her meal.

1900–2045. Company time and review of the day's performance to correct problems observed throughout the day to ensure compliance with Regimental standards.

2045.Taps - lights out. Each candidate gets a full eight hours of sleep each night to prepare for the next days rigorous tasks.

When one adds to this schedule the timerequiredformilitary duties,inspection preparationandextra academic instruction,one can see the demands on personal time are considerable.

Even with a cadet’s demanding academic and athletic schedule, he or she will have time for extracurricular activities (ECAs). There are more than 90 that give cadets a chance to share recreational, professional and athletic interests. Cadets run most of the ECAs. Among them are Athletics/Club Sports, Aikido Club, Pistol Club, Powerlifting Club, Rugby Club, Astronomy Club, Chemistry Club, French Club, Musical/Theatrical, Catholic Choir.


s Answer the questions

1. How is the daily routine of a military academy different from the living arrangements of the civil life?

2. What is the meaning of ‘regulation conditions’?

3. What is the ‘color competition’

4. What are the benefits of winning the ‘color competition’?

5. What extracurricular activities do cadets run at a military academy?


> Read, decipher and translate abbreviations


ECA; DI; PA sys; PT


N O Translate into Ukrainian

Blaring sound; background of a future cadet; living arrangements; roommate; be in proper order; keep one’s room ready for a military inspection; result in punishment; be assigned to a room; make up each company; rewarding experience; trust and rely on each other; build spirit; accumulate points for academic, professional and intramural excellence; be recognized; represent the Academy; presidential inauguration; snap out of one’s bed; form up in ranks; keep everyone in step; company led cheers; clean one’s room; to make one’s bed; be meticulously inspected to ensure proper hygiene; get into formation; set up one’s table; be given the opportunity to say grace; ensure compliance with Regimental standards; rigorous task.


N O Translate into English

Шикуватися в шеренговому строю; формувати дух; тримати свою кімнату в готовності до перевірки; товариш по кімнаті; ставати в стрій; складати кожну роту; накривати на стіл; ретельно перевірятися для дотримання відповідної гігієни; пронизливий звук; прибирати свою кімнату; застеляти ліжко; представляти училище; походження майбутнього курсанта; підтримувати пересування в ногу; швидко підійматися з ліжка; набирати бали за академічну, професійну та позакласну успішність; мати можливість помолитися; корисний досвід; забезпечити виконання полкових правил; житлові умови; довіряти та покладатися одне на одного; інавгурація президента; вимагатися; вигуки в складі роти, щоб показати свій дух; важке завдання; бути призначеним до кімнати; отримувати стягнення; бути визнаним; бути в повному порядку.

ó N O Translate quickly

Daily routine; піднімати прапор; ‘Color Company’; прививати гордість та повагу до; barracks; стимулювати взаємодію, змагання та гордість за роту; breakfast muster; з надзвичайною точністю; cadence;отримувати особливі привілеї;cleaning stations;мати можливості підключення комп’ютерів, Інтернету, телефонного зв’язку;color competition;вирівнювати;Color Parade;відбій; Commissioning Week; боротьба зі стресом; company mate; стояти в караулі; company time; злагодженість підрозділу; compete for the title; підсумки за день; deck; підйом; delicious and nutritious meal; статутний стан; dinner; відпочинок; dormitory complex; гучномовна система; Drill Instructor; офіційні заходи; extracurricular activities; ранкова пробіжка; hygiene; ранкова зарядка; in close proximity; ранкове підняття прапора; inspection preparation; мораль; instructional and administrative periods; військовий обов’язок; intramurals; прийом їжі; lights out; обід; military duty; відбій; meal; позакласні заняття в училищі; lunch; навчальні заняття та адміністративні заходи; morale; підготовка до перевірки; Morning Colors; поблизу; morning exercises; гігієна; morning run; факультативні заняття; official functions; інструктор з фізичної або стройової підготовки; Public Address system; студентське містечко; recreation; вечеря; regulation conditions; смачне та поживне харчування; палуба; reveille; підлога; review of the day's performance; змагатися за звання; small-unit cohesion; час для проведення в складі роти; to stand watches; товариш по роті; Випускний тиждень; stress management; Святковий парад; taps; змагання за отримання прапора; “square away”; кімнати для вмивання та туалети; to be wired for computers, Internet access and phones; ритмований спів при пересуванні; to enjoy special privileges; шикування на сніданок; to exacting precision; казарма; to foster teamwork, competitiveness and company pride; прапороносна рота; instill pride and respect for sth; розпорядок дня; raise the flag.

A Build up your vocabulary




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