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ACKNOWLEDGE! Confirm that you have received my message and will comply. (WILCO)
NEGATIVE No/Incorrect
ALL AFTER... Everything that you (I) transmitted after ... (Keyword)
ALL BEFORE ... Everything that you (I) transmitted before ... (Keyword)
CORRECT / THAT IS CORRECT What you have transmitted is correct, you are correct.
CORRECTION   WRONG An error has been made in this transmission. It will continue with the last word (group) correctly transmitted. An error has been made in this transmission. The correct version is ... That which follows is a corrected version in answer to your request for verification. Your last transmission was incorrect. The correct version is ...
DISREGARD THIS TRANSMISSION - OUT This transmission is an error. Disregard it. (This proword shall not be used to cancel any message that has already been completely transmitted and for which receipt or acknowledgement has been received.)
DO NOT ANSWER - OUT Station(s) called are not to answer this call, acknowledge this message, or otherwise to transmit in connection with this transmission.
SILENCE -SILENCE-SILENCE! SILENCE LIFTED Cease all transmissions on this net immediately. Will be maintained until lifted. Silence is lifted. The net is free for traffic.
END OF MESSAGE -OVER (OUT) END OF TEXT This concludes the message just transmitted (and the message instructions pertaining to a formal message). The textual part of a formal message ends. Stand by for the message instructions immediately following.
FETCH ...! I wish to speak on the radio to that person (appointment title)
...SPEAKING Requested person is now using the radio by himself.
FIGURES   Numerals or numbers will follow. (This proword is not used with the call signs, time definitions, grid references, bearings, distances, etc., especially in fixed-form reports.)
MESSAGE MESSAGE FOLLOWS I have an informal message for you. A formal message which requires recording is about to follow.
OVER This is the end of my turn of transmitting. A response is expected. Go ahead, transmit.
OUT   OUT TO YOU - This is the end of my transmission to you. No answer or acknowledgement is expected. Do not answer, I have nothing more for you, I shall now call some other station on the net.
READ BACK!   I READ BACK Repeat the entire following transmission back to me exactly as received. The following is my reply to your request to read back.
SAY AGAIN   Repeat all of your last transmission. Followed by identification data ALL AFTER, ALL BEFORE, WORD AFTER, WORD BEFORE it means: Repeat... (portion indicated).
I SAY AGAIN I am repeating my transmission or portion indicated.
SEND! SEND YOUR MESSAGE! Go ahead with your transmission. Go ahead, transmit: I am ready to copy.
SPEAK SLOWER Reduce the speed of your transmission. (Normally used in connection with request for repetition.)
I SPELL I shall spell the next word, group or equivalent phonetically. (Not used when transmitting coded groups only.)
RELAY TO... Transmit the following message to all addressees or to the address designation immediately following.
RELAY THROUGH Send this message by way of call sign.
THROUGH ME I am in contact with the station you are calling, I can act as a relay station.
MESSAGE PASSED TO ... Your message has been passed to ...
ROGER ROGER SO FAR? WILCO I have received your last transmission satisfactorily. Have you received this part of my message satisfactorily? I have received your message, understand it, and will comply. (To be used only by the addressee.) ROGER and WILCO are never used together.
UNKNOWN STATION The identity of the station calling or with whom I am attempting to establish communication is unknown.
VERIFY Verify entire message (or portion indicated) with the originator and send correct version. To be used only at discretion of or by the addressee to which the questioned message was directed.
I VERIFY WAIT (WAIT - WAIT) WAIT - OUT That which follows has been verified at your request and is repeated. To be used only as reply to VERIFY. I must pause for a few seconds. I must pause longer than some seconds, and I will call you again when ready.
WORD AFTER... WORD BEFORE... The word of the message to which I have referred is that which follows... The word of the message to which I have referred is that which precedes...
WORDS TWICE Communication is difficult. Transmit (ing) each phrase (group) twice. This proword can be used as an order, request or as information.
RADIO CHECK What is my signal strength and readability, how do you read me?
YOU ARE (I READ YOU) Your signal strength and readability is as follows...
Reports of signal strength:
LOUD Your signal is strong
GOOD Your signal is good.
WEAK I can hear you only with difficulty.
VERY WEAK I can hear you only with great difficulty.
NOTHING HEARD I cannot hear you at all.
Reports of signal readability:
CLEAR Excellent quality.
READABLE Good quality. No difficulties in reading you.
DISTORTED I have trouble in reading you.
WITH INTERFERENCE I have trouble in reading you due to interference.
NOT READABLE I can hear that you transmit, but I cannot read you at all.



N Translate at sight
, 10. ? . . . .
. 1, 2, 3... 10, 9, 8... 1. ʳ . ? . , . . .
. . 408.9 . . .
. ? . .
: . . . . .
. . . - 123456, 2045Z. . . 2- . .
2-0-4-5. ϳ . . .
ʳ .


O Translate by ear

- White Two, White One. Follow my move to Charlie Two, over.

- This is White Two, wilco.

- White Two to White One. Artillery hit, mobility kill. Please bring your vehicle to immediate stop.

- This is White Two. Multiple direct fire hits, catastrophic kill. Please stop your vehicle and wait for further instructions. Maintain radio silence until the conclusion of the exercise. Thank you.

- White One, this is Steel Six. Thats the end of your platoon exercise. Gather the rest of your tanks from wherever they are and meet me at the Action Review site in one hour, out.

- Lighthorse Six, Lighthorse Two, over.

- Lighthorse Two Lighthorse Six, over.

- Lighthorse Six, I have a civilian four wheel drive truck containing two men. I say again, two men, Northern section of Sierra One, moving South, over.

- Lighthorse Two, any weapons visible? Over.

- Negative. They appear to be civilians, but I can not see clearly into the truck, over.

- Roger Two, Stand by. Going higher.


- Blue One, Blue Four. SITREP follows. We stopped the truck. Truck attempted to leave area. We have stopped it again. Im preparing to search it now, over.

- Knight Six, this is Blue One. Truck attempted to open fire on our dismounts. Both Arabs are K-I-A. I say again. Both are K-I-A. We sustained no casualties. Found something interesting in their vehicle. Suggest you come to our location ASAP, over.

- Roger. En route, out.


Translate in writing


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