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Duties of flight attendants on board the plane

First of all very often Cabin Attendants (CAs) should be at the airport 2 hours before the departure.Every time before the flight all of them have to come to the First Aid Center (Post) where the doctor takes their pulse and checks their blood pressure. If there is nothing to worry about and they are permitted for the flight,CAs pass Customs and Passport Control and only then go to the plane to prepare everything for the flight.

Secondly CAs haven’t got any free minute from take-off moment up to landing because they’re extremely busy performing their duties both before the flight and when passengers are on board.

Before the passengers arrive, the cabin crew must check all movable safety equipment: sealed metal box, a drugs kit, first aid kits, life vests or jackets, fire extinguishers, oxygen masks, smoke hoods ,inflatable escape slides or chutes, fire axes and megaphones. CAs check doors, walking areas or aisles, the position of stairs and Air Bridge for safety, all food and drinks, equipment and stores. Usually when passengers are on board the plane, cabin attendants make a head-count for safety reasons.

During the flight CAs read information in two languages – Russian and English, answer a lot of passengers’ questions about the flight, serve them with meals and check if /whether all passengers have fastened their seat belts at take-off, on landing and also in turbulent air.

If there is a mother with her baby on board, the CAs are always at her service.

In case of a sick passenger on board CAs have to offer and administer the first aid tosuch a person.

In a word we try our best to be helpful for / to all passengers.

Now I’d like to speak about requirements to cabin crew appearance and manners. He or she must always look neat, elegant and well groomed, be polite, tactful and respectful to all passengers in any situation. It makes no difference which class flight passenger you serve. Concerning manners there are some rules, which CAs must remember and follow in spite of everything. Any cabin attendant shouldn’t do the following: speak too loud and too fast, promise what they can’t do like in the proverb: “Be slow to promise and quick to perform.” During the flight the situation may be difficult and emergency. Then in any case CAs have to look cheerful and calm, to control their temper and be able to calm down nervous and panic passengers. In a nutshell all passengers are to be taken great care of.

Speaking about our job it’s worthy marking that it, like many other professions, has either its advantages or disadvantages. As you can see our job isn’t easy on the one hand, but interesting and exciting on the other one. Despite many disadvantages personally I think that it gives me a splendid opportunity to travel by air, which is my blue dream. Working on board, I have a good chance to meet various interesting people, visit attractions or the sights in many countries and see everything with my own eyes. Certainly it makes me broaden my view on peoples’ lifestyle, their habits, customs and traditions: “So many countries, so many customs”. In addition my profession helps me earn enough money to support me and my family, overcome my key problems and give a helping hand to people in any difficult and emergency situations not only in the air, but practically in my real life either.

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