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One day my friend Nick and I decided to go shopping. I took my salary and Nick took his father's salary. Nick needed some new clothes badly. There are a lot of shops, supermarkets and department stores in the centre of the city, so we decided to go through some of them.

The first shop on our way was a large supermarket. We needed some groceries that's why we went there. The choice of goods was very impressive. It seemed to us that on the counters and shelves there was everything one could want. We could see sausages of different kinds, fish, meat, poultry. At the bakery there was bread, rolls, biscuits. At the dairy department there was milk, cream, cheese, butter. Everything was nicely packed and when we came to the cashier our baskets were full of groceries.

Then we went to the department store which was right across the street. Nick and I are fond of computers and video and hi-fi equipment, so we couldn't go past the electric appliances department (frankly speaking, it was the first department we saw). There were a lot of computers, video cassette recorders, TV sets, hi-fi centres and tape recorders. But we had everything we needed at home, so we just had a look at the latest models. But we needed some presents. It was my mother's birthday in a few days and Nick's father's birthday in a week. I decided to buy a food processor and Nick chose an electric razor.

And then, at last, we found the men's clothing department. There were a lot of suits, trousers, jackets, shirts and many other things. Nick needed a suit because he was going to the theatre with his girlfriend and her parents to see Pygmalion. As you probably remember, Nick is very tall and slim. So it is always difficult to find clothes that would suit him perfectly. The shop assistant asked Nick's size and offered him a nice suit. But when Nick tried it on I couldn't help laughing. The jacket was too big for him and the trousers were too short. He looked so funny! The shop assistant thought for a moment and then suggested that Nick should try on some jackets and some trousers separately. An hour later Nick looked like an English gentleman. The pin-striped jacket matched the black trousers perfectly. The shop assistant also showed Nick a wonderful tie and he immediately agreed to buy it.

We had to go home by taxi because our bags were so huge that we could hardly lift them. We came home completely broke but happy.


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