Theme: application of a rule of the lever in systems of knitting materials. System Al2O3-SiO2., Na2O-SiO2

Lecture 23


The diagrams of a condition will allow not only qualitatively to define(determine) a sequence of phase transformations at change of parameters of system, but also to make quantitative accounts of the contents of phases in multicomponent systems. In a basis of these accounts the so-called rule of the lever lays.




If one phase at change of parameters of system is decomposed to two other phases, the quantitative parity(ratio) of formed phases will be back to proportional lengths of pieces from a point of structure of an initial phase up to points of structures of formed phases. The points of structures of all three phases on the diagram of a condition lay on one direct line, and the points of structures of formed phases always settle down till both parties from a point of structure of an initial phase. Let's assume that the phase which structure is expressed by a point is decomposed to two phases which structures are expressed by points to and n (for example, at cooling a liquid phase of structure there is its(her) partial , therefore the liquid is decomposed to a crystal phase of structure to and liquid phase of structure n). According to a rule of the lever the quantitative parity(ratio) of phases to and n will be in inverse proportion to lengths of pieces n and from a point of structure of an initial phase up to points of structure of formed phases to and n. Thus we can write the following parity(ratio):


As + Mn = n the quantitative contents of phases expressed in percentage is possible to find from:

The contents of a phase to = of %

n = %

Mn, , kn, are lengths of the appropriate pieces.



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