Mathematical Symbols and Signs

plus or minus
multiplication sign
point (1.5 one point five)
division sign; ratio sign
sign of equality (equals, (is) equal to)
(is) not equal to
~ difference
approximately equal; approaches
greater than
less than
equal or greater than
equal or less than
the square root (out) of
the cube root (out) of
the -th root (out) of
brackets, square brackets (pl)
parentheses, round brackets (pl)
braces (pl)
empty set
tends to, corresponds to
belongs to
is contained in
is not contained in
integral of
integral between limits and
integral from to
A barred
vector; the mean value of
double prime
sub, first
sub , -th
to the power
sub prime
limit (of)
the limit as becomes infinite
maximum over belongs to
minimum over belongs to of
the first derivative of
, function of
increment of
the sum from belongs to
the sum from equals 0 to equals
differential of
the first derivative of with respect to , over
the second derivative of with respect to
the first derivative of with respect to
(where) is equal to 1, 2 and so on
(where) runs from zero to
union of sets and
intersection of sets and
is a subset of
gradient of the function
modulus of  
  isequal to the maximum over of the sum from equals one to equals of the modulus of of , where lies in the closed interval and where runs from one to .



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