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A. diet B. fast C. nutrition D. health

Exercise 5. Fill in the correct preposition, then choose any five items and make sentences.

1) to be popular ….. sb; 2) to be high ….. calories; 3) to be associated ….. sb/sth; 4) to be aware … sth; 5) to suffer ….. sth; 6) to deal ….. sb/sth; 7) to be lacking ….. sth; 8) the loss ….. sb/sth; 9) to miss out ….. sth; 10) to prefer sb/sth ….. sb/sth else.


Speak about the following:

- Reasons for the popularity of junk food

- Danger of eating junk food

- Positive effects of eating healthy food

Then, give a short talk about junk food. Use the following expressions: Although, Moreover, However, In spite of the fact that, I believe, I think, In my opinion, etc.

Exercise 6.Translate into English:

1) Тривожним сигналом щодо малорухомого способу життя є те, що кількість нездорової їжі, яку ми споживаємо, збільшується, а кількість вправ, які ми робимо, зменшується.

2) Широкий загал людей споживає нездорову їжу, яка багата на калорії, проте бідна на життєво необхідні поживні речовини.

3) Молоді люди споживають велику кількість газованої води.

4) Дієтологи передбачають, що в найближчому майбутньому споживання неповноцінної їжі зросте.

5) Наші звички щодо харчування змінилися через нестачу часу та втрату традицій; люди хапають те, що є в наявності, а це, як правило, некорисна їжа.



· Look at the title of the text and say what you think it is about.

· Guess whether the following statements are true or false, then read quickly through the text and see if your guesses were correct.

a) Chocolate makes us feel depressed.

b) Sugar causes tooth decay.

c) Cheese and cream are rich in calcium.

d) Tea helps you sleep well.


& Reading

You are going to read an article about some different types of food and drink. For questions 1-13, choose the answers from items A-F. Each item may be chosen more than once. There is an example at the beginning (0).

A Chocolate

B Sugar

C Meat

D Cheese and Cream

E Butter

F Coffee and Tea

Which type (s) of food or drink:        
Is quickly turned into energy? 0 _B__      
Can keep you awake if consumed 1 ____ 2 ____    
late in the day?        
Can improve your mood? 3 ____      
Fills you up and keeps you from 4 ____      
eating much?        
May lead to weight gain if eaten 5 ____ 6 ____ 7 ____  
in excess?        
Can help to prevent a disease of 8 ____      
the bones?        
May cause a type of cancer? 9 ____      
Help you to concentrate? 10 ____ 11 ____    
May lead to heart problems? 12 ____      
Has no nutritional value? 13 ____      



In ancient Greek times, Epicurus lived by the philosophy, “Eat, drink and merry, and let tomorrow take care of itself!” Sadly, nowadays our instinct to enjoy ourselves has been replaced with feelings of guilt about what we should or shouldn’t eat. But just how damaging are all those ‘harmful’foods we find sotempting? Let’s look more closely at the good and bad sides of some of our favourites.

Chocolate contains mind stimulants which help concentration and boost the brain’s level of serotonin, a chemical that makes us feel good. Chocolate is also rich in iron, magnesium and potassium. On the down side, it is high in fat and calories and can interrupt sleep if eaten in the evenings.

Sugar is converted into energy more quickly than any other food, so it is hard for the body to store it as fat. Studies have shown that it makes you feel full more quickly, so you are less likely to overeat. Eating sugar at breakfast time has been shown to improve concentration and memory in the morning. The bad news is that sugar causes tooth decay and contains no useful nutrients.

Meat is an important food as it is a major source of protein, vitamin B and essential minerals. However, it also contributes a quarter of our daily fat intake. A high intake of red meat can lead to colon cancer, and beef is blamed for Creutzfeldt - Jakob Disease, an illness which affects the brains of humans.

Cheese and cream are rich in calcium and vitamin D, which help to protect the system against osteoporosis, a bone disease affecting a third of all European women over 60. Unfortunately, butter is almost pure saturated fat, and is very high in calories. Eating it is thought to lead to hardeningof the arteries, which is known to cause heart attacks and strokes.

Coffee and tea contain caffeine, which increases alertness. Tea contains tannin and flavanoids which help prevent heart disease. On the other hand, since they are stimulants they can interrupt sleep and relaxation and therefore shouldn’t be drunk in the evenings.

It seems, then, that we can feel free to enjoy all of these types of food, keeping in mind that moderation is the key to good health. So eat small amounts of these foods and forget about feeling guilty.

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