Vocabulary Practice

Exercise 1. Look at the words in bold and try to explain them.

Exercise 2. Fill in the correct word(s) from the list below:

let alone, signify, nutrients, rejecting, gain, limit, predicting, glowing skin, research, adolescence, consume, tend to

1. Vegetables are an essential part of our diet as they contain a lot of (healthy substances)

2. I dont even know what a breadfruit looks like, .. what it tastes like! (not to mention)

3. You should . the amount of chocolate you eat if you want to lose weight. (restrict)

4. The stars on the label that the brandy is of the best quality. (mean)

5. Scientific .. has shown that saturated fats are a major cause of cancer. (investigation)

6. People who eat lots of sweets have dental problems. (are likely to)

7. Jill is overweight because she ate so much junk food during her . (teenage years)

8. Her .. is a result of all the fruit and vegetables she eats. (healthy-looking complexion)

9. More and more people are . meat in favor of more fruit and vegetables. (not accepting)

10. Unless you cut down on junk food and sweets, you will weight! (put on)

11. Nutritionists are that junk food consumption will increase in the near future. (foreseeing)

12. Young people large amount of carbonated drinks with their meals. (take in)

Exercise 3. Fill in the correct word(s) from the list below. Use the words only once.

room, eating, gourmet, fast-moving, vast, couch-potato, balanced, the pressure, chocolate, to do, heart, high, junk, to keep, saturated, side


1. a(n) . world

2. bars

3. a(n) . lifestyle

4. the body fit

5. in calories

6. . food

7. . habits

8. . disease

9. of modern life

10. . fat

11. . service

12. . no harm

13. a(n) diet

14. .. dishes

15. the. majority

16. .. effects

Exercise 4. Choose the correct item.

1. As he didnt want to cook, he decided to . a pizza instead.

A. ask for B. demand C. order D. command

2. She had no time to go out for lunch so she a snack instead.

A. grabbed B. snatched C. took D. bit

3. I hope I wont .. weight while Im on holiday.

A. earn B. win C. put D. gain

4. After the Christmas holidays, I am going on a . because some of my favorite clothes dont fit me any more.


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