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Text 1. The British Police

I. Read and translate the text.

Police is an agency that is responsible for keeping law and order. The first organised police force in Great Britain appeared in 1829. It was called the London Metropolitan Police and was established by Sir Robert Peel. The London Police became a model for other police forces all over the world.

The chief of a police force in Great Britain is called Chief Constable. The lowest rank is that of Constable. Women make up about 10% of the police force.

The police are helped by Special Constables - members of the public who work for the police voluntarily for a few hours a week,

Normally, policemen in Britain do not carry guns, but they can use arms in terrorist attacks, armed robberies and other cases with the permission of a magistrate.

Each police force has its own Criminal Investigation Department (CID). One of the main functions of criminal police is to detect and apprehend criminals.

II. Questions to be answered.

1. What is police responsible for?

2. Where and when was the first organised police force formed?

3. Who was it established by?

4. What influence did the British police have on the police forces of other

5. What is the highest police rank?

6. What is the lowest rank?

7. What part of the police is constituted by women?

8. Are policemen in Great Britain allowed to carry guns?

9. In what cases can they use guns?

10. What is one of the main functions of criminal police?


Text 2. Police Discipline

I. Read and translate the text.

If a police officer breaks the Police Discipline Code, he may be dismissed from the force. In England and Wales, a special committee investigates the complaints made by the public against police officers. The police work in close contact with the public. Special attention is paid to young people and ethnic minorities. Women are also involved in the police service.

II. Questions to be answered.

1. What may happen to a police officer if he breaks the disciplinary code?

2. Can the public make complaints against police officers?

3. Where are the complaints investigated?

4. What categories of people do the police pay special attention to?

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