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Fill in the application form about yourself.

Your personal details

Mr □ Mrs □ Miss □ Ms □ Other title □

First name(s) ________________ Date of birth _________________

Sex: Male (M) □ Female (F) □

Your home

House / Flat number­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ ____________________

Street ________________________________

City _________________________________


Home telephone number (with code) ______________________

Mobile telephone number ____________

Your employment

Occupation _______________________________

Business telephone number (with code)_______________________

Additional information

Please include your e-mail address if you have one



Divide into pairs and fill in the form about your partner. Ask him/her.

· What is his/her full name?

· How old is he/she?

· When is his/her birthday?

· Where is he/she from? What’s her/his nationality?

· Does he/she have a family?

· Does he/she have a friend? Who is his/her best friend?

· What hobbies does he/she have?

· What is his/her profession/occupation?


Full name  
Date of birth  
Country, nationality  
Friends’ names  


Make a short story about your partner, based on his/her answers.

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TOPIC: About myself | Look at the words and put them in the suitable column.

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