TOPIC: About myself

1. Fill in the spider-gram. Share your ideas with the group and your teacher.

What can people say about themselves?


2. Answer the questions:

What countries can people be from?

What nationalities can people be?

What kinds of hobbies can people have?


3. Look at the words and divide them into 3 groups:

Russia, playing computer games, German, China, dancing, France, Russian, American, Japan, Africa, Chinese, watching TV, African, French, reading, Japanese, listening to music, the USA, sports, Germany, cooking, English, England, collecting (stamps, coins, postcards, etc.).


Country Nationality Hobby


  1. About Lycra Fabric
  2. About My Family
  3. About myself
  4. About Myself
  5. Answer the questions about yourself.
  6. Ask your friend questions in English about their content. Summarize his/her answers.
  7. B. Listen to part of a radio interview with a historian talking about Einstein. Then complete each sentence with a word or a short phrase. (Track 17, CD2)
  8. Divide into pairs and tell each other about yourself. Fill in the chart, using the information about your partner. If necessary ask questions.
  9. Do you worry about how healthy your diet is? Are you a fussy eater?
  10. Every family has some customs and traditions. Speak about the traditions and rules in your family and the household chores you all have.
  11. Fill in the application form about yourself.

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Read and translate the text. | Fill in the application form about yourself.

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