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Was making

Had made

Had been making

While the kids ..... in the garden, their mother was hurriedly cooking dinner.

Were playing


Had been playing

Had played

Sam says he didn’t enjoy the program because the TV set ..... properly.

Didn’t work

Hadn’t worked

Wasn’t working

Hadn’t been working

Before Adam got married, he ..... hiking to the mountains every summer. Now he goes to the seaside with his wife.


Would go

Had gone

Had been going

I saw Paul at the airport. He ..... for his brother’s plane to arrive from Canada.

Had been waiting

Was waiting


Had waited

When I first ..... to England in 1938, I thought I knew English fairly well.


Had come

Was coming

Had been coming

Scarcely ..... out of the window when I saw a flash of light.

Had I looked

I was looking

Had I been looking

Was I looking

Margaret didn’t wear her shoes; she was barefoot. She ..... on a piece of broken glass and cut her foot.


Had stepped

Was stepping

Had been stepping

When I was young, I ..... that people over forty were very old. Now that I am forty myself I don’t think so.


Used to think

Was thinking

Had thought

Rescue workers ..... a man, a woman, and two children from cold rushing water.

Had pulled


Were pulling

Had been pulling

It's too late to telephone Tom now. I think I ..... him in the morning.

Will call

Am going to call

Will be calling

Will have called

By the first of December this year I ..... here for fifteen years already.

Will have been working

Will work

Will have worked

Will be working

I'll come home late tomorrow. I ..... out with my friend.

Will be dining

Will dine

Will have been dining

Am dining

I don't know if he ..... to join us, but if he does, it will change my plans.

Will make up his mind

Will have made up his mind

Makes up his mind

Has made up his mind

By this time next year Professor Smith ..... on the subject for five years.

Will be lecturing

Will have been lecturing

Will lecture

Will have lectured

I can't meet you this evening. A friend of mine ..... to see me.

Will come

Will have come

Is coming


I don't know when Professor Johnson ..... to his office, but when he comes, I'll speak to him about it.


Will come

Will have come

Is coming

When Jerry enters a Medical school he ..... Chemistry for more than four years.

Will be studying

Will study

Will have been studying

Will have studied

Who ..... of the dog when you go to America?

Will take care

Will be taking care

Is taking care

Is going to take care

Susan ..... the house before her husband comes home.

Won’t leave

Won’t have been leaving

Won’t have left

Won’t be leaving

If I ..... George tomorrow, I will tell him to come and see you.


Will meet

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