C. After you have been introduced to someone, it is polite to ask a few general questions to get acquainted.

For example:

B: Where are you from, Carol?

C: Im from Connecticut.

B: Connecticut, which part?

C: Hartford, the capital. How about you, Ben?

B: Nebraska a place called Bellevue. Its near Omaha.

C: How do you know Alan?

B: He is my friend from college.



  1. A practice what they learn day after day
  2. A. Listen to James describing his family situation and answer the questions.
  3. Add question-tags and give full answers to the questions.
  4. Adverbs the hereafter
  5. Answer the following questions
  6. Answer the following questions about the text.
  7. Answer the following questions about yourself, your friends and your ideas about friendship.
  8. Answer the following questions.
  9. Answer the following questions.
  10. Answer the following questions.
  11. Answer the following review questions
  12. Answer the questions

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Activity 2. Preparing to Introduce Someone | Make notes about yourself under the headings, then talk about yourself.

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