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Aircraft of a New Generation

In cooperation with the enterprises of Ukraine, Russia and other countries. Antonov ASTC creates the family of AN-148 regional twin jets intended for passenger, cargo-passenger and cargo transportations on regional and short-range air routes. New airliners will replace the AN-24, Tu-134, Yak-40 and Yak-42 whose service life is coming to an end.

Especially for the AN-148 aircraft family Ivchenko-Progress State Enterprise has designed a new Д-436-148 engine. It is equipped with the auto control and monitoring systems, which optimize work of the engine on all the segments of flight, increase its reliability, decrease fuel consumption and cost of service.

The aircraft is provided with manual and automatic flight control to be used in particular on programmed route. It is able to perform automatic approach by the norms of the I, II and III ICAO categories, horizontal and vertical navigation, take-off and landing under SID and STAR rules. Automatic monitoring of the systems status during a flight and automatized one on the ground with informing the crew and maintenance staff are provided.

The complex of aviation security measures is provided at AN-148. The aircraft is equipped with bullet-proof doors, communication between crew and flight attendants, the video observation system, the place for weapon and ammunition storage, masked approaches, antitheft devices, special means for placing of explosive assembly in case of finding it onboard during a flight.

AN-74T-200A Light Transport Aircraft

The AN-74T-200 has been developed on the base of the certificated AN-74 special-purpose aircraft and is intended to carry 10 t of cargo at a speed of 600-700 km/h over a distance of up to 1,450 km and 3.05 t of cargo over a distance of 4,370 km. The aircraft is capable of operations from airfields with paved, unpaved and gravel runways.

The over-wing mounting position of the D-36 engines of series 3A ensures a high level of protection against foreign-object penetration and provides low fly-over noise.

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