Go over the letters (see Unit Five) and copy down the samples of the complimentary close.

Write a reply to Judy's letter as if you were the person she wrote her letter to.

Write a letter to a friend sharing the memories of your holiday trip and your feelings at the station on the day of departure.

Write a letter to your dean in which you request permission to stay at your parents' several days more. Give your reason clearly and convincingly.

XV. Film "Mr. Brown's Holiday". Film Segment 8 "Caught in the Rain" (On the Way to Yeovil). a) Watch and listen, b) Do the exercises from the guide to the film.


1. Listen to the text "Different Means of Travel", mark the stresses and tunes. Repeat it following the model.

2. Listen to the conversation "At the Station", mark the stresses and tunes; repeat after the tape, learn the text by heart.

3. Listen to the dialogue "A Voyage Round Europe", mark the stresses and tunes. Repeat the text following the model and record your variant. Compare your variant with the model and correct your pronunctalion mistakes.

Write a spelling-translation test: a) translate the phrases into English; b) check them with the key.

5. Listen to some text on the topic "Trawelling", Retell it in class.

Listen to some anecdotes. Put down the word combinations you find useful. Act them out in class (oral and written work).

7. Listen to the poem "From a Railway Carriage". Mark the stresses and tunes. Repeat after the tape. Learn it by heart.


What do you know about

Christopher Columbus and the history of his discovery? Why wasn't America named in his houour? After whom was it named and why?

Captain Cook, Sir Francis Drake, Roald Amundsen, Mlckloukha-Macklay, the Papanin expedition?

The Mystery of the Atlantis, the Mystery of the Bennudian Triangle, the Mystery of the Easter Isle, the Loch Ness Monster?



  1. B) Comment on the letter above. Point out in what it differs from Judy's earlier letters (see the text). Explain the last line of this letter. Is Judy quite serious here?
  3. Choose the correct form of the words in capital letters to fill in the text and you will find out more information about types of legal professions in Russia.
  4. Figure 2 - Continuous signal and its samples
  5. Here is an advertisement and two letters asking for information. Read the letters and fill in the chart.
  6. Inspection of Production Facilities and Production Samples
  7. IV. E-mailers make use of symbols called smileys (or emoticons) which can be written using standard letters and signs.
  9. Writing Personal Letters

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B. Describe the pictures. Use the suggested phrases. | I. SPEECH PATTERNS

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