XV. Opening ceremony


1. Read the text. What is the main theme and goal of the congress?



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Mr. President, Distinguished Guests, Dear Colleagues!


(1) It is an honor and a great pleasure to welcome you here to the International Congress on Fluid Mechanics.

(2) I would like to give a special welcome to the President of the International Physical Society, Professor Thomas Johnson, who was able to come to this congress. I wish to express our very warm welcome to the Director of the National Institute of Technology, Professor Robert Hensel. I would like to extend a particular welcome to the people from foreign countries who visit us today.

(3) Four years have passed since our previous congress, which was very successful. The papers on that occasion covered a very wide range of subjects and were documented advances in our discipline. In the past few years there has been great progress in the field of fluid mechanics, especially in its physical and mathematical foundations. But although we know the main features of the mechanism underlying the flow of liquids, much further research has to be done to understand its nature.

(4) At the present congress both fundamental problems and specific technological applications will be emphasized. The papers to be presented are concerned with a wide range of theoretical and experimental problems. The primary purpose of this meeting is to give the participants an opportunity to report their latest findings and to exchange their ideas.

(5) We are pleased that so many people from all over the world have come to attend this congress. There are 850 active participants from 28 countries attending this meeting. This weeks program of the congress includes plenary sessions as well as section meetings. There will be symposia dealing with various topics of general interest and sessions concerned with more specific problems.

(6) We expect that the present congress will contribute to the understanding of fundamental and applied problems in fluid mechanics. We also hope that the congress will provide opportunities for personal exchanges of scientific results and strengthening of personal friendships among scientists from different parts of the world. I wish you success.


2. Read the text once more and outline the main items of its organization.


3. Given below is an outline of a typical opening address.


  1. A formal opening
  2. Study the basic peculiarities of the opening consonant clusters in the stressed syllables of the words in the three boxes below.

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XIV. Abstract writing | Which of the points are missing from your outline?

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