A formal opening

1. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I have a great honor today and great privilege to introduce

2. Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, and thank you for joining us this afternoon.

3. Good morning. Its a pleasure for me to be back in..

4. Its my great pleasure once again to receive

5. Mr. Secretary/President, its an honor, in fact, to have you here with us, and Ill turn the floor over to you.

6. My apologies for being a little later than we have planned. I want to welcome you. We are very pleased to have you here. Weve honored to have you here.


Less formal opening


1. Good afternoon, and I thank you all very much for your time.

2. I know how busy Fridays can be, so Ill just have a few brief remarks at the top here and open it up to your questions.

3. Ladies and gentlemen, we are going to get started here. Thanks for making you available to us and Mr.X. Good morning everybody. I really dont have any opening remarks. Lets get right to the issue at hand.

5. Good morning. I just want to open up here with several main points.

6. Good morning. I dont know if I need to start with any preliminaries, so Ill open it up for questions from the audience.


How to start and give the floor


1. Ill turn it over to.

2. Mr. N, sir, the floor is yours.

3. I just want to say a few words and then turn it over to..

4. And with that I will open the floor to questions and comments.

5. Id like to make a short statement and then answer your questions..

6. And with that, I will open up for questions

7. I think with that introduction, Id like to open this up for any questions.

My colleagues and I will be as open as we possibly can. However, we cannot give you any information concerning..


How to ask questions


1. Im wondering if you can expand a little more about.?.

2. Can you give us a sense of?

3. Whats your sense of the.? Can you give us the latest on..?

4. Could you fill us in on the latest on..?

5 Can you paint a picture for us what..?

6. Can you shed any light on..?

7. Is there a chance you could paint a picture of ( what s happening)?

8. Can you update us on..?

9. Any hot breaking news you can update us on.

10. Can you bring us to date on..?

11. May I do a follow up, please? Whats your best guess about.?

12. Can I follow up on? What are your thoughts on the fact that.?


How to start answering questions


1. My understanding is that.

2. My sense is that..

3. My guess is that.

4. to my knowledge..

5. It is a good question. I am glad you asked me about it.

6. My judgment is.



  1. Informal
  2. Make these texts more informal by changing the underlined verbs to phrasal verbs.
  3. Read the following conversations. Are the situations formal or informal?
  4. Study the basic peculiarities of the opening consonant clusters in the stressed syllables of the words in the three boxes below.
  7. XV. Opening ceremony

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