How to avoid answering questions


1. Not to my knowledge.

2. Not that I know of.

3. Im not inclined to get into it at the moment. Sorry.

4. I really dont want to speculate about it. Im honestly not sure of the details of it.

5. I dont want to get into details and the substance of..Id rather keep it a little more general.

6. I cannot get into specifics of

7. Id prefer not to get into that.

8. I dont care to get into the subject anymore. Sorry.

9. Im really not in the position to discuss it.

10. I really cant say that much about that. Sorry. I just cant shed a lot light on that for you.

11. Whats beyond that I cant say at this point?

12. We dont have anything to announce with respect to that.



Thanking for participation


1. We appreciate you taking the time to chat with us.

2. Thank you very much for your time. (at the end of the interview)

3. It is very good of you to spend the time.

4. Thank you very much, Mr. /MissI appreciate your time.

5. We certainly appreciate your time this afternoon. Thanks for joining us and answering some of the questions that we had. And we wish you certainly the best of luck.

6. Mr. Secretary, our time has expired. Thank you, sir.

7. I wish we could talk more on this topic but our tome is up. I want to thank you for joining us today.


Read the assignment and act out press conference on the problems given in it, or interview your partner on any topic connected with the hot political news.


One student plays the role of a chairperson opening and closing the briefing, the other student or students brief on the topic. After that the rest of the class asks questions. All students should use as many phrases as possible from the list above. Pick up the topic of briefing from the list below.


1. You are a NATO official. Brief on the topic NATOs Role and Tasks Today.

2. You are NATO and Russian officials. Brief on the topic Should Russia Join NATO?

3. You are an expert on conflict resolution. Brief on the topicFuture Interstate Conflicts.

4. You are Russian and US officials holding a press conference on missile defense systems.

5. You are a US official. Brief on the new US national security strategy.

6. You are experts on Russian and US foreign policy. Brief on the topic US-Russian-Chinese Triangle.

7. You are Russian experts on foreign policy. Brief on the topic The Role of the UN in a Global World.

8. You are a deputy of the State Duma (Russian Parliament). Brief foreign journalists on the Russian electoral system and the role of mass media in parliamentary and presidential elections.



  1. A. Listen to James describing his family situation and answer the questions.
  2. Add question-tags and give full answers to the questions.
  3. Answer the following questions
  4. Answer the following questions about the text.
  5. Answer the following questions about yourself, your friends and your ideas about friendship.
  6. Answer the following questions.
  7. Answer the following questions.
  8. Answer the following questions.
  9. Answer the following review questions
  10. Answer the questions
  11. Answer the questions
  12. Answer the questions about the pictures.

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